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Because being able to write effectively is a key skill in most professions, nearly all college degree programs require at least one writing course. All college writing programs will start with introductory courses that teach basic writing skills, such as grammar and sentence structure, although most institutions will allow you to test out of these basic courses if you are able. Having these basic skills is a prerequisite for many of the advanced courses you will take as you progress toward completing the program.

Depending on your major and career plans, the writing courses you take will vary. For example, creative writing degree programs will require classes such as poetic forms, contemporary American fiction, and workshops in poetry and fiction. On the other hand, journalism programs will require writing courses such as news reporting and writing, conflict reporting, and writing for mass media. English majors will have to take courses such as English composition, advanced writing of fiction, and research writing.

Even majors that are not writing-based, such as business administration or engineering, will require writing courses such as business communication and technical writing to make sure students are able to effectively use written communication in their field. After all, developing strong writing skills is beneficial for people in nearly every field. Most jobs require some degree of writing, whether it’s composing emails, memos, reports, or preparing presentations.

Those wanting to improve their abilities or learn basic writing skills can take individual courses or complete writing programs, whereas those pursuing majors and college degrees that are based on writing will have to take numerous college writing courses over a number of years, depending on the degree level they are pursuing. These courses can be taken in traditional classrooms or online. Completing online writing courses and online writing programs will allow you to study and work at your own pace, as well as work around your schedule without having to attend a classroom.

Whether you want to earn an entire degree in writing or just take a class or two, you want to make sure the courses are legitimate and that the education you take away is of high quality. The best way to ensure this is to visit the U.S. Department of Education’s website and search for the institution or program in their database of accredited institutions and programs. To become accredited, the institution or program must meet certain requirements and standards of education.

Writing and Your Career

A writing degree can give you many options, such as a career as an editor, author, journalist, publisher, writing instructor, or technical writer. Even if you are not pursuing a career that revolves around writing, online college courses in writing can give you knowledge and skills that can help advance your career, no matter what industry you’re in. Email is the most used form of communication in business today, which makes being able to write properly an essential skill to possess.

There are specialized courses designed to help professionals in any field improve their writing skills, such as better business writing, professional email writing, writing tune-up, and writing meeting notes. Courses like these will teach you how to effectively communicate on a professional level by focusing on sentence structure, document layout, and proper etiquette. Completing these courses can make you a more valuable asset to your company, as well as improve your daily life by having a better understanding of written communication.

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