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Computer programmers may assist computer software engineers in the design of software programs, or they may simply be given the software design. It’s the job of a programmer to take the design and write a source code for it, consisting of algorithms and formal logic. This code enables a computer to run the program. Programmers also maintain programs by updating and modifying them, detecting bugs, and making repairs when needed. To accomplish these tasks, computer programmers must have extensive knowledge of computers, programming language, source code, algorithms, and software design, development, and analysis.

Advancements in user-friendly programming software, tools, and languages are enabling many average computer users to do their own programming. In fact, many businesses are leaning toward writing their own programs because of this, leading to a slight decline in the employment of computer programmers, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. While this may seem like bad news for those interested in computer programming, it’s actually good news “” many employers are now actively seeking out those who possess computer programming skills, even for non-programming positions.

You can complete college computer courses online to learn about programming. For example, an online computer systems course will cover computer installation, configuration, and maintenance, as they pertain to each type of computer you may work with, such as desktops, workstations, and laptops. An Internet programming course will teach students how to write Web-based applications and use Internet technologies like HTML and XML.

An online introduction to programming logic and design course will focus on the mathematical logic involved in writing computer programs, code, and operations. It will also cover on the techniques and applications used to design computer programs, detecting and solving problems, and different computer tools that are used for programming. Finally, an online programming language course will focus on all of the different programming paradigms and the languages that are appropriate for each one. Your studies will cover programming instructions such as input and output, task execution, and arithmetic. There are also entire courses that for each type of programming language, such as C++, Python, and Java.

Programming and Your Career

Computer programs are used in just about every profession, and with the increasing shift toward businesses looking to write and implement their own programs, completing online college computer courses can benefit individuals in nearly every industry. Gaining knowledge of computer systems, programming languages, and learning how to write, modify, update, analyze, and debug computer programs can help advance your career and make you a valuable asset to your company, especially if there is not an in-house programmer. In addition, many institutions are offering online computer programming courses for free, so you can participate in introductory and even advanced courses to learn about the multiple aspects of computer programming.

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