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Classes offered by Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers are a little different than typical online college courses. As a MOOC student, you'll most likely be allowed to work at your own pace (AYOP), but more rigorous courses follow deadlines and require extensive time commitments, quizzes, assignments, and tests. In the chart below, you can compare and contrast top MOOC providers to find the education path that fits your allotted investments of time and money.

 UdacityUdemyCourseraKhan AcademyEdxCode AcademyiTunes
Range of Class LengthAYOPAYOP4-17 weeksAYOP2-17 weeksAYOPAYOP
Avg Length of ClassesAYOPAYOP8 weeksAYOP11 weeksAYOPAYOP
Avg Cost Per ClassFree$110FreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Avg Cost of Registration FeesFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFreeFree
Can Enroll in More Than One Class At Once? (Y/N)YYYN/AYYN/A
Year-Round Enrollment? (Y/N)YYNN/ANYN/A
Set Enrollment Periods? (Y/N)NNYN/AYNN
Earn College Credit? (Y/N)YNN*NNNN
Avg Cost for Class with College Credit$150------
Books Required? (Y/N)N/AN/ANNNNN
AYOP = At Your Own Pace
*Signature Track is an option that offers you the chance to earn a Verified Certificate for comlpleting eligible coursework, but it is not college credit.