Facebook Fatigue

If you’re one of the one billion people on Facebook, you know that sometimes, the social media juggernaut can be your best friend, and sometimes it can be your worst enemy. The Facebook pros? It allows you to stay in contact with old friends, reach family across the globe from you, and possibly take a peek at some of your crush’s pictures. The Facebook cons? Your constantly over-sharing acquaintances, how often your ex pops up on your newsfeed, and the vast amount of your time that Facebook seems to consume, even when you have more important things to do.

When the cons begin to outweigh the pros, it’s no surprise that a great deal of users feel the need to take a break from using Facebook””at least for a little bit. In fact, fully 61% of users have taken a break from using Facebook for several weeks or even more, and these “Facebook vacations” are happening more and more frequently as our culture becomes saturated with social media. Our reasons for breaking from Facebook vary from being too busy, to being bored with the site, to an annoyance with excessive “drama.” Whatever their reasons for taking a Facebook hiatus, most interesting of all is that according to most people, they’ll be spending less time on Facebook than ever before in the coming year.

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Facebook Fatigue

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