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Essay Writing: Chicago Style vs. MLA style

Regardless of your major, chances are you will be required to write numerous essays throughout your college career. While in high school a bibliography page was all you needed to verify sources, most … View More

Staying Awake without Caffeine

Ask any full-time college student who is heavily involved in extracurricular activities or has a side job and they’ll tell you Mr. Coffee Bean is their dearest and most treasured friend. But consuming … View More

The 10 Weirdest College Urban Legends

By Jill Gordon If you’ve ever forked over thousands of dollars (or your parents have) to attend what some find to be a four-year sentence to party i.e. college, then most likely you’ve heard … View More

Is It Okay to Skip Class in College?

It’s raining outside, you’re tired from the wild party the night before and you just don’t feel like going to class. So you think: my class is huge, my professor never notices me anyway … View More

Cheap Transportation Around Campus

For those of you who live on large college campuses or a few blocks away, you might consider getting some cheap form of transportation to get around. Of course, you can always walk, but there are going … View More

Surviving an All Nighter

All nighters — they’re somewhat of a rite of passage in college. While the proper thing to do is to manage your time and start studying two weeks in advance, sometimes work and extracurricular … View More

Avoid Roommate Drama

Roommate disaster stories are the norm throughout college. But they don’t have to be. Most of the core issues of failed roommate chemistry involve communication, or rather, a lack thereof. Whether … View More

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