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Online Study Groups

We’re all familiar with what a college study group looks like, right? Often you meet with a few other students from one of your classes and study for a bit in the library. Maybe one of you shows … View More

Life as a Commuting Student

If you commute to college, you join a rapidly growing movement that is significantly affecting higher education in the United States. In fact, nearly 86 percent of college students commute to campus, … View More

What are Office Hours

During the first two years of college, students are required to take their core education classes such as math, physical science and history. In the beginning, depending on the school you attend, most … View More

Your Professor Beyond the Classroom

Within the classroom, professors and students often interact well enough. They both understand the educational context that their roles depend upon. The professor presents the material and challenges … View More

Study Abroad: Why? How? Where?

One of the greatest opportunities a college student can take advantage of is enrolling in a study abroad program at his or her university. What better time is there for someone to travel the world and … View More

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