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iPhone apps for College Students

You spent a small fraction of your loan money buying a fancy iPhone because you wanted to parade on campus in style. While your new gadget is indeed nice to look at, it can also serve as a vital learning … View More

Surviving College without a Car

You don’t have a car of your own. How on earth will you be able to explore and get around? While it may seem like an impossible task, surviving college without a car is rather simple, environmentally … View More

100 Best Blogs for Tech-Savvy Teachers

While there are still some educators who dispute the importance of technology in the classroom, there is no dispute over the fact that technology is here to stay in schools. Whether you are one of those … View More

Avoiding Online Distractions

College life would be so much better if all that pesky school work wasn’t in the way. But it’s not going anywhere, and spending hours checking Facebook and watching YouTube videos every 5 … View More

How Do You Do Group Projects Online?

Online colleges work hard to provide students with a college experience that prepares them for real-world careers. In the real world, individuals must know how to work collaboratively in the workplace … View More

Protect Yourself from Campus Crimes

Regardless of your university’s safety programs, there will still be some sort of crime on campus. Of course, some campuses are safer than others due to many factors, including location, size, and … View More

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