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Drinking Can Pose a Danger in College

Partying is part of the good times that go along with college, and getting drunk has almost become the rite of passage that goes along with it. College students look forward to cutting loose with their … View More

Can I Really Learn Photography Online?

The answer is yes. And going to photography school online is also a great option for those who already have a knack for taking photos, but who want to take a refresher course in photo editing software … View More

How to Make the Most of a College Party

Big parties are an essential part of the college experience. Even if you’re really focused on your studies, it’s important to take the time to blow off steam, and parties are a great place … View More

How to Choose Your College Major

It’s rare that students know what they want to do with the rest of their lives when they first enter college. And even though it seems a long ways away, it’s important for every student to … View More

The Pros and Cons of Study Groups

People’s study habits are as unique as the person themselves. Some studiers like music, background noise, food and their own rooms, while others need silence, libraries and no distractions. When … View More

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