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Staying Healthy in College

Aside from getting good grades, making new friends, fitting in and figuring out what major to pursue, one of the hardest aspects of college is staying healthy. The cliche "freshman fifteen" is a valid … View More

The Benefits of Same-Sex Education

A growing trend in America today is the practice of same-sex education. Once a norm across the world, schools are beginning to see the benefits of educating their male and female students in separate … View More

Why You Shouldn’t Skip College

College is expensive, difficult, and takes a long time. There are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t go to college, and for some students, college is not their best option. But at the same time, college … View More

The Smart Way to Switch College Majors

At some point in your college career, you may realize that you’re just not in the right area of study for you. Whether you’re struggling in your classes, or have realized that you’d … View More

How to Survive as a College Freshman

No doubt about it, the freshman year of college can be tough. You’re adjusting to more independent life, a new setting, being away from friends and family, and facing a brand new learning environment … View More

Career Boosting Clubs to Join in College

College is an important time in any student’s career. Although you’re probably not quite ready to start looking for a job yet, your career should be a major focus during your college years … View More

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