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Career Planning for College Students

Unless you are nearing graduation, you probably haven’t put too much thought into career planning. Although many students know what kind of field they’d like to go into, most have not planned … View More

Making Learning From Home Even Easier

Without the cool glare of your professor to keep you from texting throughout class rather than take notes, and without the giggles of your classmates to jolt you out of yet another lecture hall slumber … View More

Implications of Plagiarism

Colleges and universities regard plagiarism as one of the most offensive infractions a student may commit. Plagiarism is the use of another person’s thoughts and words and passing them off as your … View More

Why You Should Consider a Minor

If you have already declared your major, you may find you can fit a minor into your schedule. A minor in a particular subject typically demands that you complete six courses in that discipline. Many students … View More

Study With Friends, Improve Your Grades

Group studying is nothing new, and no doubt you’ve already experienced it during your high school career. Yet, while you may or may not have enjoyed the experience then, you should give group studying … View More

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