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Different Ways Majors Can Design

Artistic and creative thinkers who have an eye for functionality may want to take a closer look at how they can turn these qualities into an occupation. From the magazine you just picked up at the grocery … View More

The Benefits of Being an English Major

Are you a bookworm who enjoys how the English language is used to communicate ideas? If you find that the written word inspires you to think both creatively and analytically, you might want to major in … View More

Students Who Love Fashion Can Major In It

As fashion design is highly competitive, it provides a challenging environment for those who possess as much determination as they have passion. Those who do have a passion for fashion can choose majors … View More

Top 10 Ridiculous Celebrity-Written Books

In your college classes, you may think that you read some pretty ridiculous material, but you haven’t seen anything until you read these books written by celebrities. Some are self-indulgent novels … View More

The Importance of Your Freshmen Orientation

Amidst all of the packing, excited phone calls, and tearful realizations from your parents that you are "all grown up," it can be easy to forget about your freshmen orientation. After all, at most schools … View More

Career Planning for College Students

Unless you are nearing graduation, you probably haven’t put too much thought into career planning. Although many students know what kind of field they’d like to go into, most have not planned … View More

How to Make a Smart College Transfer

So you’ve decided it’s time to make a change, and you want to transfer to another college. Maybe you’re moving from community college to a university, or you’d like to pursue a … View More

How to Choose Your College Major

Whether you’re a high schooler planning your college career, or an undeclared undergrad getting to the point of major declaration, you’re faced with an important choice: your college major … View More

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