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Fending Off the Freshman 15

You may have been in the shape of your life during high school, thanks in no small part to athletic programs and your own youthful metabolism, but it is far too common for college students to suddenly … View More

Can a Double Major Work for You?

Some industrious students may choose to declare a second major. This is a major undertaking as it means you must finish the full requirements of two majors. A typical degree demands about 12 courses. … View More

101 Tips for All Your eBook Reader Needs

By Angelita Williams As a student in a distance learning program, you're probably used to trying out all sorts of web tools, including online books and note-taking tools that let you catch up on school … View More

Social Networking for College Students

By Angelita Williams Social networking is both fun and rewarding, especially for college students. You can connect with old friends, make new ones, stay up to date with what’s going on and keep … View More

Fighting through the Core Curriculum

Many colleges and universities have a core curriculum that all students need to complete in order to graduate. The idea behind the core curriculum is that there is a body of knowledge that all students … View More

50 Essential Blog Posts on Education Reform

Whether you are working on your education degree or are a veteran teacher, it's important to stay informed about the state of education and the proposed reforms. These 50 blog posts will help you do just … View More

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