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Improving Your Attendance Record

What’s so great about college? You can skip class every once in a while, and no one really cares. In smaller classes, you may have to explain a migraine or away game to a professor, but in most … View More

Preparing for a Semester Abroad

You’re about to take part in a very exciting part of your life-a semester abroad, studying in a foreign country. Not every student is able to take advantage of this opportunity, and you probably … View More

Should You Take a Semester Off?

Gap years between high school and college and study abroad trips taken during the summer or for a full year are becoming increasingly popular among American college students, but what about taking an … View More

How to Schedule Reading Assignments

No matter what your major is (well, okay, some are worse than others), you’ll quickly notice that college courses require way more reading than even most advanced high school courses. Just from … View More

Preparing for Final Exams

When final exam time approaches, your initial reaction may be to study, study, study. But there is a lot more involved in preparing for final exams than the obvious studying portion. Here are some helpful … View More

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