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How You Study Could Make All the Difference

If you spend hours studying only to find that you can’t remember a single thing when test time rolls around, chances are you are not studying correctly. As strange as it sounds, there are strategies … View More

Picking Your Electives Courses

After all of your major and minor requirements have been fulfilled, all you have left are some electives credits. These are hours that need to be met before you can graduate, but what classes you choose … View More

50 Best Blogs for Botany Students

50 Best Blogs for Botany Students

Visit these blogs to explore plant taxonomy, learn about plants in politics, ogle a few pretty pictures of plants and find advice and information from botanists, professors, students and even gardening … View More

Struggling Online Students Can Pull Through

It is discouraging when, despite all of your hard work and effort, you still face the possibility of failing one of your online college courses. But rather than giving up and not trying anymore, you should … View More

Setting Up Your Home Classroom

Those who take their college classes online will most likely be doing so from the comfort of their own homes. Yet, the learning experience can be severely hindered if your home is a mess, cluttered, disheveled … View More

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