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Reading Strategies to Enhance Learning

Reading Strategies to Enhance Learning

As a student, you may put off reading the textbook or any other course materials if it appears to be difficult, complex, or unappealing. What is needed in these situations is a strategy that allows you … View More

Dealing with Depression in College

By: Erika Jaramillo Sometimes, going off to college means traveling to an unfamiliar city or area, away from your family and friends. You may experience a severe sense of loneliness. Combine the overwhelming … View More

How Learning Meets Your Needs

You may not realize it, but there is a basic list of needs that every person has, and there is even a specific order to those needs. Your needs influence your internal sense of self-motivation because … View More

What is Your Learning Style?

Understanding how you learn is as important as knowing how the process of learning occurs. Not everyone learns by picking up a book and reading through it. Some people learn better by listening and others … View More

Top 10 College Newspaper Comics

Top 10 College Newspaper Comics

Comics like Dan Cagle and Charles Schulz are well known for their comics in high profile newspapers. But hiding between the pages of college newspapers lies incredible, often undiscovered, talent. College … View More

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