7 Things You Need to Know to Win the Digital Job Hunt

The web has widened the job market for everyone. Even the novice can easily navigate digital want ads once they know where to look. By taking advantage of the best digital employment and networking sites, savvy job seekers boost their careers and pocketbooks.

Background Check

After conducting a traditional background check, a common next step for potential employers is to search informally on social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, photo and video sites such as Flickr and YouTube, and general search engines like Google

If you are already on social networking sites, be sure to clean up your act with these simple steps:

Digital Job Hunt

Using the same keywords you use on your resume, conduct your job search on online sites. Be sure to adjust the keywords on your resume to match successful search terms. There are a number of good digital job posting sites:


Many recruiters begin their search on social networking sites. If you are not on, get on with these tips:

Old School Job Hunt

Job seekers are wise to remember, and implement, some tried and true job hunting techniques:

Resume Keywords

Recruiters and human resource professionals will often rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to filter applicants keywords and their surrounding context. When writing your resume, remember to include the following:

Resume Formatting

When it comes to layout, simplest is best. A complicated format may confuse the ATS and cause your resume to be discarded. Avoid the following:

Stay Connected

With advances in communication technologies, employers today expect employees to be accessible and responsive. Follow these tips on staying connected:

Thanks to the digital age, finding a job or the right job candidate has never been easier. For further information on how new technologies are changing the way we seek and find work, read these articles by The Wall Street Journal and The Huffington Post.

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