EdX Expands Courses for Spring Semester

Massive open online course provider edX is announced a new slate of courses for spring 2013. The new schedule includes the not-for-profit's first forays into the humanities and social sciences. With the new courses, edX brings a variety of subjects, from political philosophy to quantum mechanics, online. The second semester also marks the debut of courses from UC Berkley. The classes being offered are:

In addition to the new courses, edX will be bringing back many of the courses offered in the fall 2012 semester. The spring semester will also see the launch of an experimental course on copyright law which will explore the current state of copyright law and the ongoing debates about how it should be reformed. Unlike edX's other courses "Copyright" will only be open to 500 students, all of whom will be chosen from an open application process that will begin in late January 2013.

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