OpenMOOC Offers Open Source Class Creation Software

U.S. based massive open online course (MOOC) providers like Coursera and edX may grab headlines but closed source nature of the program has concerned some open education advocates. However, a program that launched earlier this year in Spain helps to ensure that MOOCs are open in every sense of the word.

In October Spain's National University of Distance Education and Center for Virtual Higher Education launched the OpenMOOC an open source platform that allows universities to create and launch completely open MOOCs. The software, which is released with an Apache license 2.0, integrates text and multimedia content and then optimizes the display for both mobile and traditional devices.

The software is designed to create self-paced modules, which OpenMOOC calls 'knowledge pills.' The modules are built around short videos and supplemental materials—like readings and exercises. The modules can then be classified as either normal, homework, or exam and given a time limit. Each class also includes a discussion forum.

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