CourseTalk Adding Classes

When it launched this past summer CourseTalk was designed to be a clearinghouse for information on massive open online courses, but over the last few months the site has evolved into a beta-version of Yelp for MOOCs. A simple, straightforward interface allows users to rate and review courses from providers like Coursera, Udacity, and edX.

The site is currently adding reviewable content for classes from learning management company Blackboard's, as well as information about the expanding number of universities that are offering MOOCs independent of a provider. CourseTalk's founder, Jesse Spaulding, has also indicated that he has plans to add reviewable content on class offerings from Codecademy and Duolingo.

Despite initial success, positive feedback, and a recognized need for crowdsourced reviews in online education, concerns have been raised about CourseTalk's possibility for fraudulent, defamatory, or exploitive reviews.

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