Khan Academy Partners with Taghreedat for Arabic Translation, launches iOS App

Khan Academy has partnered with the Arabic content community Taghreedat to translate over 3,500 of the online education nonprofit's videos into Arabic. The partnership makes Khan Academy one of the first online education providers to move into the Arab world.

To effectively translate the thousands of videos available from Khan Academy, Taghreedat will rely on 2,500 volunteers. The partnership is an outgrowth of a memorandum of understanding that Taghreedat signed with Meedan, a social translation and software non-governmental organization, at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit in October.

The memorandum built on the content community's mandate to adapt and localize open, educational resources and comes months after Taghreedat signed similar agreements with major content and social network sites like Twitter and Storify. The community has also signed agreements with key non-profits like the Wikimedia Foundation and the Sapling Foundation, the organization behind the wildly popular Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) talks.

The partnership announcement came hours after Khan Academy founder Salman Khan tweeted out that the online education non-profit had launched a free i-device app to optimize its videos for mobile devices using iOS. Khan Academy isn't the first educational content provider to embrace mobile computing.

Udemy, which utilizes a design similar to massive open online courses, launched its own i-device app in mid-November, and Stanford's Class2Go will be getting an app interface next year.


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