University of Miami Launches Mini-MOOC for High School Students

The University of Miami has launched the first massive open online course (MOOC) specifically for high school students. The course, a three-week long prep class for the SAT subject test in biology, is being offered through the college's University of Miami Global Academy and began enrolling students Nov. 26.

The class is designed to address college readiness by familiarizing students with basic biological, ecological, and molecular concepts. Unlike other MOOCs, which primarily rely on recorded video lectures, University of Miami Global Academy's class will use twice-a-week live lectures.

During the live lectures students will be able to interact directly with the instructor; throughout the entire three-weeks of the class students who missed any of the lectures will be able to re-watch any of the videos. Currently, the university only plans to offer the class once a semester and administration officials have not indicated if they will be offering any more subject test prep classes or is they will offer a MOOC to help students prepare for the SAT reasoning test.


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