Arizona Universities Looking to Increase MOOC Offerings

As they look at ways to expand their online degrees and course offerings Arizona's three public universities are considering massive open online courses (MOOCs). While Arizona State University is currently the only school in the Grand Canyon State in the process of developing MOOCs, both Northern Arizona University and the University of Arizona are exploring their options.

Northern Arizona is currently in the process of deciding which classes to offer as MOOCs and hopes to begin implementing the conversion process by summer or fall 2013. The university has not settled on which provider to go with and is considering both major and minor players in the MOOC game.

The University of Arizona is planning on reexamining some of the open courseware it has been distributing through Apple's iTunesU. Multiple University of Arizona departments have adapted lectures on subjects ranging from the origins of the cosmos to linguistics to the free podcasting service.

Among the classes that the University of Arizona is planning to reexamine are a popular series of entrepreneurship classes that the university has been offering in recent years. While the university already has its eye on the content it wants to provide, it still isn't sure who it wants to provide the content to and is unsure whether it should join with a third-party vendor or develop and distribute MOOC in-house.

Arizona State University, who is currently developing a MOOC for distribution through Blackboard's Coursesite network, has said that their course should be available in August 2013. The university has not indicated which subject, or subjects, will be the first to be adapted.

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