MOOC-like Udemy Launches iPad App

Education content provider Udemy has launched an idevice app that will allow students to interact with course content on their mobile device. The design for Udemy’s 4,900 classes is very similar to a massive open online course (MOOC), although the amount of students in the class is generally less than the tens of thousands that sign up for classes through some of the most well known provider.

Students taking one of Udemy’s classes watch prerecorded lectures, do assignments, and participate in community discussion. The difference between Udemy’s classes and those offered by other providers is that not all of Udemy’s classes are free. Some of the classes offered by the company are free, and those classes are generally offered through other platforms like iTunes U or Coursera, and some require students to pay a fee, which can range from a few dollars to several hundred.

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