University of Western Australia to Offer Courses Through Class2Go

When Stanford launched its open-source Class2Go platform in September it mostly sailed under the radar, but it caught the attention of the University of Western Australia's (UWA) Centre for Software Practice. UWA was already looking to increase its digital presence and was considering approaching massive open online course (MOOC) provider Coursera when faculty became aware of Class2Go.

The university's team had already developed an app, which it offered to Stanford, that formats course content for a mobile device. The app takes advantage of a smartphone's strengths and presents material in a way that optimizes classes for Apple and Android operating systems, instead of presenting students with a scaled down, or bare-bones, webpage.

Additionally, UWA is developing its first-generation of mobile optimized college classes to take advantage of the university's resources. Of the first three classes that the school will be offering through Class2Go, sociology, oceanography, and astronomy, two draw on resources unique to the college. The oceanography course will utilize UWA's Oceans Institute, while the astronomy class will take advantage of the school's proximity to the Square Kilometer Array, the largest radio telescope in the world.

The school plans to offer the classes for both registered students, as part of a flipped classroom approach to teaching some subjects, and to the general public as a MOOC. UWA's first classes will be available through Class2Go in March 2013.

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