Wallace State Considers Expanding MOOCs

The amount of positive feedback Wallace State Community College's Hanceville, Ala. campus has received since announcing the creation of its first conversational Spanish massive open online course has prompted the school to consider expanding the program.

"We've been getting calls from people wanting to make sure they didn't miss the deadline to enroll and the local schools are encouraging teachers to take the course," said Beth Bownes-Johnson, Wallace State's dean of academic affairs. The school had already planned on offering more advanced Spanish MOOCs in fall 2013 and spring 2014.

If the enrollment levels in the first course offering justify it, Wallace State administrators might accelerate the timeline and begin the second installment in summer 2013, said Bownes-Johnson. She also said that the school is still developing the mechanics of the course.

"Currently we are thinking it will be peer graded, but it all depends on enrollment," said Bownes-Johnson. Unlike other schools, Wallace State has decided to develop the course in-house through the Blackboard learning management system.

Bownes-Johnson said that the school currently has no plans to partner with any providers, but the school "did talk to outside companies."

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