South Africa Business School Offers free MBA Education

It's no secret that higher education institutions throughout the world are trying to find new business models to adapt to the Internet. South Africa's Regenesys Business School has decided to emulate one of the more successful models on the internet and provide a mix of free and premium content, reported South African website Skills Portal

The school, which has spent $5.7 million developing content, will allow anyone with a smartphone, tablet, or computer to access much of its digital content—videos, e-books, study guides, etc.—for free. While the school won't charge students to explore classes ranging from the certificate to the MBA level over the web, if students want to take their education to the next level they'll have to pay.

Students interested in submitting assignments, attending physical classes, or receiving a degree will have to pay the school. However, because the school developed a modular curriculum students who are interested in pursuing a degree will be able to complete the material at their own pace.

Regenesys' administrators hope that by offering course content for free the school will be able to improve the livelihood of one million people by 2015.

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