German University Offers For-Credit MOOC

A German university is offering a Massive Open Online Course that comes with “university credit points” that the school says can be accepted by degree programs. On Jan. 9, Northern Germany-based Leuphana University will begin offering its first MOOC, the course is an exploration of what it takes to create the ideal city of the 21st century.

Participants in the twelve-week course, entitled “ThinkTank Cities,” will design models for future living in urban centers, the course will require students to think about the city of the future from multiple project areas””including architecture design, economics, social science, cultural history, sustainability, infrastructure, and public health.

To assist students with understanding how the subject areas interact, the course will feature guest lectures from professors and scientists from universities around the world, including Columbia University in New York, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and the London School of Economics. The guest lecturers will instruct students via video keynotes and provide feedback and advice on the students’ five group projects.

Students who complete the course will be able to receive a certificate of participation from Leuphana for €20 or around $26.

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