Top 25 Career Apps For the Modern, Mobile Student

Winter graduation is staring many of you in the face, and summer graduation is just around the holiday corner. The time is here to start thinking in terms of a career and what you want to do with your working life. Of course, you have to balance looking ahead with finishing college strong. To help you maximize your time and make your preparation for the working world as efficient as possible, there are hundreds of smartphone and tablet apps out there. Many of those are junk, but lucky you, we've got 25 worth your time right here.

  1. Indeed Jobs:

    Fifty million people can't be wrong. All those Indeed users love the job listing site for its customizability for filtering results by salary, location, job type, and more, now conveniently accessible from your smartphone.

  2. Hire-a-Droid:

    What's better than searching jobs hosted on Indeed? Searching the ones hosted on LinkedIn, SimplyHired, LinkUp,, and at the same time, in the same place, with one free Android app.

  3. PrintCentral:

    Never be without a hard copy of your resume again. PrintCentral makes the Holy Grail of printing — printing to any printer without extra software — a reality. It's just $5 and it works with iPhones, iPods, and iPads.

  4. Bump:

    This cool app has been around a few years now (and been downloaded 75 million times, but Version 3.0 pares things back down from enabling the sharing of a handful of phone files to just contacts and photos. Just bump phones with a fellow user and an acquaintance becomes a possible future business contact.

  5. Job Juice:

    Though just released this summer, this app is already collecting rave reviews for being like a $15 course in best practices of social media and personal branding. Designed by bestselling author and social media guru Joshua Waldman, Job Juice helps you target your strengths to the needs of hiring companies and find those needs by harnessing social media platforms.

  6. Business Card Reader:

    Bump is great, but you can't expect everyone to be as "with it" as you are, you modern student, you. For $4.99 your phone's camera becomes a secretary who does one job perfectly: taking the contents of a traditional business card and zapping them into a mobile phone contact.

  7. iThoughtsHD:

    Users rave about the beauty of this iPad app (originally for iPhones) for note-taking, brainstorming, goal-setting, and full-on mind-mapping. Start using it now and it may just help you brainstorm your way to the brilliant idea that launches your career.

  8. OfficeSuite Pro 6:

    Documents to Go may have sufficed during the college years for touching up homework, but having a career calls for an upgrade. OfficeSuite lets you print via Google Cloud Print, create and edit Word and Excel files, convert files to PDF, and loads more.

  9. High Paying Jobs:

    Seeing as you're a student, we can safely assume you'll have a good $26 grand or so in student loan debt by the time you walk. You don't have time to slog through $30,000 jobs. Aim for the stars with this job search app that targets, appropriately, high paying jobs.

  10. VisualCV:

    As this is a web app, it's not quite as mobile as a smartphone app, but it definitely scores on modernity, and it's free. Simply upload your CV and let the program's magic transform it from a dull doc to a web-savvy, dynamic resume that leaps off the page through clickable links to video and examples of your work.

  11. Desktop Connect:

    Want OSX and Windows 7 (or 8) on your iPad? Then Desktop Connect is for you. Use it to take control of your computer from either your iPhone or tablet so that you can work from anywhere.

  12. LinkedIn Mobile:

    Can we share a secret with you? We never use our LinkedIn account. That being said, 93% of recruiters use the site, which means we would if we didn't already have a job and you should, too. Having it on your phone also lets you sync calendars with contacts, a nice bonus.

  13. Evernote:

    Evernote is one of those apps we end up recommending for just about any topic, because it's just that good. So, let's see: you're a busy student meeting with recruiters and looking for a job while finishing school. You have meetings, due dates, business ideas, notes, and files to keep track of. Yeah, Evernote works for you, too.

  14. Spark Hire:

    "The world's first video resume app," Spark Hire might just represent the future of recruiting. Employers post questions and job seekers respond with short videos of their answers. You can even use the app to create a video resume. It's all about showing off your personality in a way that traditional resumes don't allow, without having to go to interviews.

  15. LunchMeet:

    Piggybacking on the old saying that "Everybody's gotta eat," LunchMeet syncs with your LinkedIn profile and calendar and lets you find other professionals or near-professionals in your area who are also available for a business lunch. It takes a little courage to eat with a stranger, but everything about starting a career is a challenge, and what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

  16. Branch Out:

    For networking that's a bit more comfortable, try Branch Out. The app uses Facebook to connect you with job openings at your friends' companies and their friends' companies. You'll be able to test the theory that it's not what you know, it's who you know.

  17. 4W Small Business Job Manager:

    Given the current job market, you may start your career taking odd jobs here and there until you find steady employment. If so, you'll want to have 4W in your pocket. It lets you manage the minutia of all your different jobs, sync with your contacts and calendar, and more.

  18. My Work Clock:

    Since we're on the subject of freelancing, My Work Clock is a great, free option for simple tracking of your billable time across multiple gigs. It's a smart way to keep a record of your time should a client ever ask to see it.

  19. Interview Buzz:

    Complete with 300 questions to get you thinking about how you'll answer common interview questions, this app is great practice for making your best first impression. There's even a section thrown in on how to tie a tie, perfect for those lucky students who've managed to get through college without having to learn that.

  20. ResumeBear:

    One of the features of this app's developer's site is College to Career, meaning career transition for students is clearly on their minds. ResumeBear alerts you when your resume is opened, printed, or notified so that you can jump on the first opportunity for an interview. Like a bear.

  21. Meeteor:

    This app works similarly to Branch Out, only you can also search friends of friends via your LinkedIn profile to find available positions. Meeteor even takes things one step further by offering you suggestions on people you should become acquainted with. As the website says, meet your networking assistant.

  22. Career Tools:

    At the risk of being a little too on-the-nose, we recommend availing yourself of a little career advice with Career Tools. It's free and it's got a nice database of info for transitioning to the corporate world.

  23. Asana:

    Asana is a task management app that perfectly bridges the gap between student life and career life, letting you keep tracks of assignments and homework that are solely yours (unfortunately) and later incorporate teammates and coworkers. It's got a clean interface and it doesn't cost a penny (although upgraded versions are paid).

  24. Hire Me!:

    This popular phrase appears on many a graduation cap come May, but now it's an app designed to help you ace your interviews. Hire Me! lets you record your answers to sample interview questions so you can hear and improve on how you sound and what you said, as well as search for jobs and stream music to help you relax before your big appointment.

  25. Career Assessment:

    You may be all set to launch a career but at a loss for which road to start down. This free app for iDevices helps you find college courses that prepare you for jobs that might suit you.

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