12 Mobile Apps That Grammar Geeks Just Love

English grammar is certainly not easy to master. With seemingly endless rules, exceptions, and things to learn, it's not hard to understand why so many have difficulty with presenting perfect grammar. But there's good news for grammar geeks and those who aspire to become them: there is no shortage of mobile apps for honing your grammar skills. Dictionaries, quizzes, and even games offer great ways to work on grammar, even on the go. Check out our list to find 12 great mobile apps for grammar geeks and students alike.

  1. Oxford Dictionary of Literary Terms:

    This app from Oxford comes with a hefty price, but it's incredibly useful for learning the usage of literary terms. In this dictionary, you'll find nearly 1,200 terms complete with pronunciation guides and explanations.

  2. Grammar Up:

    One of the most highly recommended grammar apps, Grammar Up makes it easy to learn grammar rules by topic. Using a multiple choice quiz system, Grammar Up shares more than 1,800 questions in 20 different grammar categories. It's a great tool for improving grammar, word selection, and vocabulary.

  3. Practice English Grammar:

    Practice makes perfect in this English grammar app, offering more than 500 questions and interactive grammar exercises. Users will enjoy comprehensive statistics for monitoring progress and a wide variety of questions.

  4. English Grammar in Use Tests:

    Find out if you have good grammar by putting yourself to the test with this app. English Grammar in Use Tests offers more than 1,700 questions that will challenge your grammar skills. Use this app with its sister app, English Grammar in Use Activities, and you'll find 2,800 more questions to hone your skills.

  5. Oxford Grammar and Punctuation:

    Another great grammar resource from Oxford, this app has 250 questions of grammar and punctuation. You'll find examples of real English, an overview of grammatical terms, sentence structure, and more.

  6. Grammar Girl App:

    Fans of Grammar Girl will enjoy this app that allows you to stay on top of the latest shows. You'll get new episodes delivered to your mobile device each week, with new "quick and dirty tips" for better writing. Users of this app can also get notified about upcoming events, and free book excerpts.

  7. Grammar Police:

    If you've ever considered yourself to be the grammar police, this app is a fun exploration. Designed as an addictive game, Grammar Police teaches the basics of grammar as you catch the Tense Gang by correctly completing sentences.

  8. Grammar Guru English Learning Practice Quiz:

    Using this app, you can practice grammar anytime, anywhere, with seemingly endless questions to test your skills. With great options like a missed most, seen least, and adaptive learning technology, this app is a slick way to work on your grammar.

  9. Johnny Grammar's Quizmaster:

    In this English learning game, you'll be tested against expert Johnny Grammar. This game offers hundreds of vocabulary questions at three different levels, and a quiz on the 1,000 most commonly misspelled words in English.

  10. Grammar App:

    From Tap to Learn, Grammar app teaches grammar using an interactive book. With simple tutorials and assessments, Grammar App has an easy way to help improve your usage of English grammar.

  11. Grammar Phone:

    Do you find yourself confused about affect/effect, if/whether, or like/as? Get clarifications to these problems and many more on Grammar Phone, an app that explains 25 common English grammatical errors.

  12. Grammar Games:

    Have fun exploring new concepts in grammar with games in the Grammar Games app. Designed for kids as well as adults, Grammar Games is an enjoyable way to reinforce grammar skills.

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