25 Key Twitter Feeds for Following the Student Loan Debate

If Congress doesn't take action before July 1, many federal student loans will jump from a 3.4% rate to 6.8%, effectively doubling rates. The debate surrounding this issue has caught the attention of those in education, politics, and beyond. Many have taken to Twitter, sharing the latest updates, opinions, and musings. We've discovered 25 of the most informative and insightful Twitter feeds that you can check out to learn about what's going on in the student loan debate, right as it happens.

  1. @DntDobleMyRates:

    This Twitter account points out that without action, millions of students will see their loan interest rates double. Follow along with this feed to learn more about the campaign and how you can get involved.

  2. @usedgov:

    The U.S. Department of Education shares updates on education, including the investment of college through student loans. Check in with this feed for regular chats on the things that matter to students today, especially student loans.

  3. @educationweek:

    Follow @educationweek to learn about educational developments, including political pressure in the student loan debate.

  4. @edvotes:

    The NEA offers the Education Votes Twitter feed to share political action for education. Follow along to find out about student loan activism and more.

  5. @FAFSA:

    The people behind the Free Application for Federal Student Aid have a lot to share about the student loan debate. Find links to information on the potential interest rate change, debt numbers, and options for student loan repayers from @FAFSA.

  6. @CFPB:

    Check out these tweets from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. This organization works to make consumer financial products like student loans work better for everyone, and has even shared a college cost comparison tool that prospective students can use.

  7. @NAICUheadlines:

    As the student loan debate continues to make headlines in education, you can expect for it to get a lot of coverage from the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities' news roundup account. Stay tuned to @NAICUheadlines for the biggest headlines in student debt news.

  8. @arneduncan:

    As the U.S. Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan has a lot of insight to share in the student loan debate. Learn about education grants, new developments, and ways to make student loan repayment less painful.

  9. @AASCUPolicy:

    The American Association of State Colleges and University tweets about important college policy issues on this account. Frequent topics of discussion include college affordability, grants, and of course, the latest in student loan developments.

  10. @EDPressSec:

    The Department of Education Press Secretary Justin Hamilton shares news and developments from the front line of the student loan debate.

  11. @wpnick:

    As the Washington Post education editor, Nick Anderson has his ear to the ground about every development in the student loan debate.

  12. @OccupyColleges:

    Students have come together to fight the student loan crisis, Occupy Wall Street style. Follow @OccupyColleges to find out what these students are doing about student loans, education cuts, and more.

  13. @SavePell:

    As student loan rates threaten to increase, students may be hit by a double whammy as funding for Pell Grants is in danger. Follow along with @SavePell to learn about this issue and how it relates to the student loan crisis.

  14. @CrtEdEcon:

    The National Center on Education and the Economy discusses the impact that student loans have on both the economy and education at all levels. Follow the NCEE to find updates on college loan interest rates, and how other countries are making things work.

  15. @lovenheim:

    Follow Sarah Lovenheim, a Majority Leader Harry Reid staffer, to get an insider's look into the student loan debate. Lovenheim shares the hard numbers on student loans and how the politicians are working to stop the student debt burden.

  16. @slrelief:

    Check out Student Loan Relief to learn about this program that helps student loan holders to reduce monthly payments and even forgive entire loans. They've got their ear to the ground on student loan bills and the latest developments.

  17. @campusprogress:

    Campus Progress reports on all kinds of progressive change on college campuses, especially student loan developments. The CP staff discusses student loans by the numbers, and explains the intricacies of the student loan debate.

  18. @YI_Care:

    The Young Invincibles discuss topics that interest 18- to 34-year-olds, and these days, they're all over the student loan debate. Follow their tweets as they discuss the politics of student loans and more.

  19. @rockthevote:

    Catering to political issues that matter to young voters, Rock the Vote is sure to point out the latest developments in the student loan debate. Follow along to learn about the issues and how you can get involved.

  20. @Heather_Jarvis:

    Follow this student loan expert to find out about student loan news, including the passing of student loan bills. Jarvis also offers great resources and information for students who need student loan guidance.

  21. @SimpleTuition:

    @SimpleTuition offers key financial aid advice, helping students and their families crush student debt with the latest information and advice.

  22. @StudentLoanNews:

    Alyssa DeFranco's Twitter feed is a great resource for finding news about student loans, sharing the best headlines on a regular basis.

  23. @studentloannet:

    The Student Loan Network exists to be a one-stop source of information for student loans, sharing advice and tips for navigating the world of student loans. Find out about the latest news and developments in student loans from this feed.

  24. @SenSanders:

    Tweets from Senator Bernie Sanders offer an inside look at the progression of the student loan debate. Follow along as Sanders discusses how much outstanding education debt we have, along with his plans for working it all out.

  25. @studentloaninfo:

    Check out what the Student Loan Ninja is saying about student loans, as she gathers and shares breaking student loan news.

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