25 iPad Apps to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Every creative person, at one time or another, gets into a bit of a creative slump when ideas just won’t come, projects never seem to get finished, and motivation is nowhere to be found. While you may not be able to snap back into full creative mode right away, there are ways that you can start inching towards that goal by focusing on getting those creative juices flowing again. One of the best modern-day tools for this is the iPad, which is full of applications that make it simple to be creative, jot down ideas, and just enjoy thinking, making, and doing again. Here, we’ve listed some of the best of these applications, and with such a wide range of tools to choose from, you’re bound to find something that inspires you to be more creative at work, school, or in your spare time.

  1. IdeaWell

    Don’t let a good idea slip away! Instead, download this app and keep all of your ideas organized in one place, with the added bonus of features that let you brainstorm and analyze your best ones.

  2. Omnigraffle

    Create a quick chart, website, or design with this simple drawing tool that is perfect for creative thinking on the go.

  3. Adobe Ideas

    Adobe has pulled together one of the best applications for turning your iPad into a digital sketchpad. Through Ideas, users can draw, design, sketch, brainstorm, and more, with the ability to easily export work to other programs.

  4. Draft

    Need to get that idea on paper really quickly? Just want to spend some time doodling? Then this app is for you. Draft allows users to create minimalist sketches that can later be refined into a more complete idea.

  5. Freeform

    If vector drawings are how you like to work, then you won’t find a better or simpler way to create them on the fly than Freeform. Just open the program and start creating mockups, sketches, diagrams, and more.

  6. SketchBookPro

    SketchBook Pro is one of the most amazing drawing tools available on the iPad. Many users have created stunning artwork on it, but it’s also great for getting basic sketches down or just playing around with colors and ideas.

  7. ipadmindmap

    If brainstorming is what you need to get you thinking creatively, then consider checking out this great application for the iPad. It allows you to build simple, easy-to-read mindmaps that you can easily work from later.

  8. iThoughtsHD

    iThoughtsHD is another great iPad tool for brainstorming, keeping your thoughts neatly mapped out on the screen.

  9. MindNode

    Build an impressive and highly functional mindmap with this app that can help you to better flesh out your flash of genius or creative spark.

  10. MindMeister for iPad

    This popular mindmapping program is now on the iPad, allowing users to get ideas out of their heads and onto virtual paper.

  11. iMindMap Mobile HD

    Create a mindmap that resembles a tree branch, integrate files and references, and add a few graphics for good measure when you use this application.

  12. Phaidon Design Classics

    Those looking to get inspired should consider downloading this amazing application. It’ll bring some of the most iconic products and images in design to your iPad, so you can browse, be awed, and hopefully get inspired to create your own classics.

  13. Masque

    Play around with the photos on your iPad by checking out this application. It is full of simple tools that can help you modify images in fun and creative ways.

  14. BuddhaBoard

    Made for both iPad and iPhone, this musical app will let you create your own mood music for getting creative.

  15. TypeDrawing

    Who knew typefaces could be so fun? This application lets users draw with various colors and weights of typefaces for some original and highly entertaining art.

  16. Moodboard

    Stuck on how to get started with a project? Moodboard is a great way to get those juices flowing, making it simple to combine photos, images, and other sources of inspiration into one place.

  17. Wreck This App

    If you’re looking for a way to inspire your creativity while having a whole lot of fun, this application is probably a pretty solid choice. It asks users to complete a series of fun, interesting, and often creative tasks to advance through different screens.

  18. Photo Challenge

    Embrace your inner photographer by taking on this app. It’s socially focused, asking you to complete a different photo challenge each day, then share it online with others.

  19. Inspirataur

    Destroy writer’s block and get creative when you try out this fun application. It shows random images each time you shake your phone or iPad, allowing you to save your favorites or keep going until you find something that really gets those creative juices flowing.

  20. Penultimate

    Jotting down notes, working on ideas, or just having fun pushing your creativity is easy when you try out this application that’s the digital answer to pen and paper.

  21. Brushes

    Brushes is another app that will let draw to your heart’s content, with simple and highly intuitive tools.

  22. iMockups

    Make sure you have this app on hand so you can lay out the specifics of an idea in a simple mockup, no matter where you are.

  23. Tablet Journal

    One way to get a creative boost is by journaling. This application makes that simple, keeping track of your thoughts from day to day.

  24. Adobe Photoshop Express

    Edit your photos or just play around with different filters using this cool and totally free tool from Adobe.

  25. WordPress

    Blogging can be an amazing way to track your thoughts, get inspired, and find your voice. With the WordPress app, you can post to your blog from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

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