75 Inspiring Pinterest Pins for the Busy and Broke Student

Food, fashion, dorm decor; you can find just about anything on Pinterest. College students in particular can benefit from this site, where people share recipes for everything from fancy ramen to homemade Febreeze. There are endlessly amazing resources for busy, broke college students on Pinterest, but we've narrowed it down to our favorites here — 75 of them to be exact. Check out these inspiring Pinterest picks, and enjoy these great ideas for doing more in your college life.

Cool Student Tricks

These tricks are super resourceful ways to turn items you already have into something new and useful.

  1. Turn your hoodie into a laptop carrier: Follow this folding trick to transform your hoodie into a laptop bag on the fly.
  2. Truckbed campouts: No tent? No problem. Find a friend with a truck and fill the bed with blankets and pillows for a fun campout.
  3. Turn any bag into a camera bag: Photography students, protect your camera in any bag with this simple DIY.


College students often aren't known for fine dining, but you can step it up a bit, on the cheap, with these recipe pins from Pinterest.

  1. DIY fruit rollups: Make these snacks and throw them in your backpack for a quick pick-me-up.
  2. Ramen hacks: Upgrade your Ramen noodle diet with these cheap and simple hacks.
  3. Crockpot chicken tacos: Follow this recipe to get a great evening meal without a whole lot of work or attention during the day.
  4. Chocolate-covered strawberry footballs: These little footballs are super cute for sharing on game day.
  5. Game-day cookies: Put together these cookies for a fun and easy treat for the big game.
  6. Purple potato crisps: Microwave these purple chips for a fun and healthy snack.
  7. No-machine Ice Cream: This pin explains how you can make ice cream with just a bag in your dorm room.
  8. The Student Cookbook: Find great meals for the "hungry and broke" in this student cookbook.
  9. Baked chicken nuggets: Follow this recipe to find healthy, easy, and cheap-to-make chicken nuggets.
  10. Tasty pot pies: Dedicate an afternoon of work to making these, and you'll be rich with pot pies to enjoy for a while.
  11. Rolo cookies: These cookies have just four ingredients, and one of them is chocolate.
  12. Homemade mac and cheese: Check out this recipe to upgrade your mac and cheese.
  13. One pot meals: Save on dishes and time with these simple one pot meals.
  14. Nutella cake in a mug: Get your cake fix with this cute (and delicious) cake in a mug.

Fashion & Style

Whether you're headed to the game, class, or a party, these fashion pins will help you be cute and cheap (in the right way) at the same time.

  1. College-ruled tee: Celebrate the thousands of pages of notebook paper you're using in college with this tee.
  2. Ribbon necklace: String together a really cute ribbon necklace using this pin.
  3. Thrift store blazer reinvention: Thrift store blazers are plentiful and so versatile. This pin explains how you can make them cuter.
  4. Dressing up: Get inspired to dress up every day, even when you're just headed to class.
  5. Romantic hair: This pin will direct you to cute, simple hair.
  6. Humongously cute bag: Carry just about everything in this bag made from fabric scraps.
  7. Changeable shoe bows: No need to buy several pairs of shoes to match each outfit, just change it up with these shoe bows.
  8. Dirty hair tricks: If you're late for class with no time to take a shower, employ these hair style ideas and get on with your day.
  9. Fancy sewn purse: Put together some interesting fabric and make a great bookbag with this pin.
  10. DIY infinity dress: Create an incredibly versatile dress with this DIY guide.
  11. T-shirt to ruffled skirt: Make a cute ruffly skirt out of old discarded tees.
  12. Jane Eyre shrug: This tutorial offers the lowdown on how you can convert an old tee into a fancy shrug.
  13. Old sweatshirt made new: Breathe new life into an old sweatshirt, and find out how with this pin.
  14. T-shirt bag: Turn your tee into a market bag or a tote for your books.
  15. Game-day dress: Make a great game-day dress with this tutorial that turns a huge shirt into something cute.
  16. Large shirt to fitted tee: Turn a loose old shirt into a cute one with the help of this pin.
  17. T-shirt quilt: Put together a collection of beloved old shirts and snuggle with it every night by making this quilt.

Dorm Ideas

Dorm living doesn't have to be drudgery. Check out these pins to get inspired for a dorm room that feels like home.

  1. Hanging pom poms: You'll need little more than dollar-store tissue paper to make these really cute poms to hang in your dorm.
  2. Book jars: If the bookstore offers you pennies for your used textbooks, just turn them into super cute jars and candle holders.
  3. Bean bag tutorial: Throw together a classic bean bag to use in your dorm room with this tutorial.
  4. Flying dorm wall: String together paper cranes for a beautiful wall hanging.
  5. Dorm room closet organization: Corral your shoes, sweaters, even towels with this closet organization pin.
  6. Jazz up your appliances: Turn ugly old appliances into cool works of art, whether they're mini fridges or microwaves.
  7. College Dorm Plants: Follow this pin to find out about great plants that you can keep in your dorm room.
  8. Chalkboard wardrobe: Keep track of assignments in a really cool way by covering dorm furniture with chalkboard paint.
  9. Wine bottle lamp: Combine an old wine bottle, comic book, and Christmas lights for a cute dorm lamp.
  10. Fabric headboard: This fabric headboard is cheap, easy to install, and easy to take down when the semester is over!
  11. Dreamy dorm bed: Make your dorm bed more homey with the addition of some tasteful fabric.
  12. Floor pouf: Throw together this pouf so you'll have a comfy place to crash on the dorm room floor.
  13. Painted cheap spoons: Make your cheap college student spoons a little classier with a tiny bit of paint.
  14. Lantern lighting: Light your dorm bed with the help of some tiny lanterns.


Keep it all together with these ingenious organization ideas on Pinterest.

  1. Sturdy fabric storage baskets: Store millions of items in these handy storage baskets.
  2. Sewing kit in a jar: No room for an entire sewing kit in your room? Get inspired to stuff it all in a jar in this pin.
  3. Cafeteria tray pinboard: Pin cards, tickets, and more to this cute repurposed cafeteria tray.
  4. Control your cords: Use binder clips to keep your power cords neat and handy.
  5. Cereal box desk organizers: Corral your notebooks and reuse your old cereal boxes with this cute and craft organization idea.
  6. Fancy to-do list: Make getting things done more fun with this easy framed to-do list for your dorm.
  7. Ribbon board: Collect your cards, photos, and reminders with this ribbon board.

Fun Crafts

Crafty ideas abound on Pinterest, and there are great ideas that college students can put to work. These are some of our favorites.

  1. Vintage pennant pillow: Check out this pin to find out how to turn an old vintage pennant into a pillow.
  2. College wreath: Celebrate your team any day of the year with this cute and festive wreath.
  3. DIY drawstring laundry bag: This tutorial explains how you can make your own drawstring laundry bag, perfect for hauling clothes to the laundromat or mom and dad's.
  4. Game-day headband: Create a fun and festive game-day headband with the tutorial in this pin.
  5. College student gift wrapping: Here you'll find a fun and frugal way to wrap gifts for friends.

Relaxation & Support

Find the strength to keep going when you've hit a wall, and let go when stress takes over by checking out these relaxing, inspiring pins.

  1. Stress infographic: Avoid letting stress get you down by learning more about it.
  2. Rosie the Riveter: Let Rosie help you deal with the stress of college life.
  3. Diaphragmatic Breathing: Check out this pin to learn how to practice diaphragmatic breathing and get a little relaxation in your busy day.
  4. Private pier bungalow: Go to your happy place in this bungalow.
  5. Stress box: Get inspired to build your own stress box, complete with a bubble timer, Koosh balls and Play-Doh.
  6. Stress-relief aquarium: Take a moment to explore this salt water aquarium and relax.
  7. Stress-relief steps: Remember these steps and work your way out of stress.
  8. Playdough stress balls: Relieve stress with these little balls made of Play-Doh and balloons.
  9. Stressed out students: Find out what college stress is doing to you, and what you can do about it.
  10. It's going to be worth it: This quote reminds busy students that college isn't necessarily easy, but it's certainly worth it.
  11. Enjoy your youth: In this pin, you'll be reminded that youth is fleeting, and you should embrace it even when you're too busy to notice it slipping away.
  12. 99-year-old graduate: When you feel like you just can't go on, check out this 99-year-old who graduated from college.
  13. Unplanned moments: This pin reminds busy students to stay open to unexpected and unplanned moments.
  14. Yes, you're worth it: Read this quick quote to remember that yes, you are worth it.
  15. Books college students should read: This list highlights essential reading for any college student.

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