80 Amazing Pinterest Pins for Art Education

Pinterest is fast becoming a must-have tool for teachers as more and more educators are finding it invaluable for creating lessons, getting inspiration, and collecting ideas. While Pinterest has a lot to offer the general classroom, it’s also a perfect place to look for art lessons and projects, and art educators will find inspiring pins for all grade levels, subject matter, and themes. We’ve collected 80 great pins to get you started here, but these only scratch the surface of what you can find on the site when you join and create your own art education-themed boards.

Fun Stuff

Read on to find some amazing art projects and ideas that are fun for both you and your students.

  1. QR codes on art. Want to connect art and technology? QR code projects like this one can be a great way to do it. For this project, students drew a picture, then recorded stories about the picture that can be accessed by scanning a QR code.
  2. 3-D still life. The basic still life gets a makeover in this project that helps things to pop out from the surface.
  3. Easier batik. Elmer’s glue and paint are the perfect duo for creating the fun batik in this project.
  4. Quilt collage. Cut pieces of paper help make these fun quilts, perfect for younger students.
  5. Watercolor weaving. To complete this lesson, students will paint with watercolors, cut up their work, and weave it back together again.
  6. Fish scale project. Each student can contribute a scale to this fun, fishy project.
  7. State symbol project. Combine art and social studies with this great project that asks students to draw state birds, flowers, and plants.
  8. Long reach animal. Younger students will go crazy for this fun and interactive project that has super cute animals as options.
  9. Sandwich lesson. Construction paper cutouts form the bread, meat, and fixings in this sandwich.
  10. Line fish. A squiggly line becomes a collection of cute fish when you bring this project into the classroom.
  11. Paper paintings. While fairly simple to take on, this lesson delivers some really beautiful results.
  12. Mind-bending line art. Students will love seeing how a simple bend in a line can create a 3-D image.
  13. Very Hungry Caterpillar hand-print paintings. Preschool or kindergarten-age children will have loads of fun getting their hands dirty while making this project inspired by the famous children’s book.
  14. Fingerprint drawing ideas. Something as simple as a fingerprint gets turned into great art when you take a look at this classic Ed Emberley book.
  15. Thank-you trees. There are many different ways you could take this project, but all help students learn more about their own culture and express thanks for what they have.
  16. Oil pastel and acrylic resist paintings. These paintings look great and the method isn’t hard to replicate in the classroom.
  17. Pen and ink owls. Designed with 6th-grade students in mind, this project lets students experiment with pen and ink drawing as they create beautiful owls.

Skills Focused

Give these pins a try for ideas on how you can teach students some basic art skills.

  1. Compositional lessons. Students can learn the difference between open and closed compositions, and a number of other art terms they need to know when you try out this project in class.
  2. Lesson on foreshortening. Foreshortening is a complicated thing to figure out in art, even for experienced artists. This project gives young artists a chance to try their hands at it.
  3. Line and shading project. In this project, students will learn how lines and shading can help create things that look completely 3-D.
  4. Abstract art with everyday objects. Playing with color and line, students can learn a lot about abstraction when they take on this fun and simple project perfect for lower grades.
  5. Positive and negative space lesson. One of the fundamental things students need to understand about art is how to work with positive and negative space, and this lesson offers one way to teach them about it.
  6. Perspective drawing. Working with basic perspective, students get to draw their own rooms in this fun lesson.
  7. Robot paintings. Students will hone their abilities to use detail, highlights, and shadows when they paint these completely awesome robot portraits.


From the urban world to the countryside, these projects will help students learn how to draw or paint great landscapes.

  1. Value cityscape. This pin showcases a project that will help students learn about color values by creating a cityscape that recedes into the background.
  2. Line city. Your students will love playing with lines in this fun project that asks them to create a cityscape using only black and white lines, with a bit of fun color for the sky.
  3. Tissue paper landscape.Torn tissue paper makes beautiful landscapes, as you’ll see when you check out this pin.
  4. Patterned landscape. Embracing pattern, perspective, and landscapes, younger students can create a lovely drawing or painting using this idea.
  5. Silhouette art. Check out this pin for a project that has students creating trees in a dark color and building up a beautifully colorful background behind them.


Get some ideas on how to take lessons and projects into the 3-D realm from these pins.

  1. Shoe imprint pendants. Students can learn about texture and make a cool piece of jewelry for themselves or for a gift with this cute project.
  2. Clay faces. Create these mask-like faces with your students for a project that’s worthy of a place of honor in any home or classroom.
  3. Papier mí¢ché donuts. This cute and simple papier mí¢ché project will leave your students with a finished product that looks good enough to eat.
  4. Pinch pot faces. Pinch pots are easy for even young students to make, and with the help of this pin you’ll learn how to turn those pots into great sculptures.
  5. Rolled paper bowl. Simple rolled paper gets an amazing makeover in this project that builds a pretty, coffee-table-worthy bowl.
  6. Mini mummies. Perfect for Halloween or a lesson on ancient Egypt, this project lets students create a fun mummy sculpture.
  7. Papier mí¢ché hot air balloons. Balloons and papier mí¢ché help to make this project possible and the results are seriously amazing.
  8. Paper bag tree. A plain paper bag becomes a cool, fall-appropriate project when you check out this pin.
  9. Awesome paper lizards. Who knew construction paper could be so fun? Your students are sure to talk about this project for weeks, building fun and funky lizards they can decorate and take home.


Give your students some practice painting people when you try out these projects.

  1. Rasterized portrait. Students work together to create this wholly digital age project.
  2. Wire sculpture portrait. In this great lesson, your students will get a chance to create a 3-D portrait using wire.
  3. Winter portraits. On this pin, you’ll get a chance to learn about a cute project that paints students in their winter gear, complete with mugs of tea or hot chocolate.

Reference and Display

Check out some of these great pins for things you can print and hang on your wall or great collections of ideas for art teachers.

  1. Why art is good. Share these facts with students and parents to explain just why art classes are so important!
  2. Right brain, left brain poster. This poster, or one like it, will look cool hanging in your classroom and will explain the abilities each of the supposed sides of our brains give us.
  3. Teenagers will experiment with art. This satirical take on a PSA will have you laughing as it lays out the symptoms of experimentation with art.
  4. 5 Ways to improve your coloring. Students struggling with coloring in their work? This helpful guide can help and can be a great addition to your classroom.
  5. Guide to paintbrushes. Showcase this awesome reference in your classroom to help students understand what each brush is for and how to keep brushes looking clean and nice.
  6. Color theory. Every art classroom needs something like this hanging up, showcasing the fundamentals of color theory.
  7. How to stay creative. Going through a creative lull? This inspirational pin offers up some ideas on how to get your juices flowing.
  8. Art teacher’s guide to the Internet. This pin will take you to a website that’s full of great ideas, tutorials, and videos for art teachers.
  9. Art units. Low on ideas for art lessons and projects? Head to this pin’s link for an amazing collection of resources.
  10. Watercolor techniques. If your students are working with watercolor, make sure to look at this great pin. You’ll find all kinds of fun techniques you can use in the classroom.
  11. The psychology of color. Help students learn about the emotional connections we have with colors by sharing this great pin.

Art Historical

Help students learn about artists, styles, and historical periods with these great projects.

  1. Picasso guitars. Students can create their own versions of Picasso’s iconic images in this simple and fun project.
  2. Keith Haring art project. Copy the bright colors and bold lines of Haring’s iconic style by taking a look at this pinned project.
  3. Varied artistic style drawings. If you want to explore several artistic styles at once, try out this project. It asks students to draw the same thing in several different styles.
  4. Aboriginal dot art. Teach a bit about Aboriginal art in Australia while asking students to create their own versions.
  5. Van Gogh landscapes. Broad brushstrokes and bright colors are at the heart of this project that asks students to imitate the famous Dutch painter’s work.
  6. Thai elephant project. Familiarize your students with Thai culture and art with this fun and educational project that’s centered around a lovely golden elephant.
  7. Paul Klee-inspired drawings. Designed with 5th graders in mind, this project draws on both ideas of color theory and the work of Paul Klee.
  8. Pop art portraits. Based on the work of Roy Lichtenstein, this project allows students to create a portrait of themselves in a comic-inspired style.
  9. Ted Harrison-style landscapes. Students will love building a landscape like this, with loads of bright colors and simple design.
  10. Picasso pets. Ask your students to turn their favorite pets or animals into a cubist drawing in this fun project.
  11. Rousseau jungle paintings. Rousseau is famous for his wild landscapes, and students can imitate them in bold colors and designs with this project.
  12. Modernize a famous painting. This pin showcases a fun idea for students, asking them to modernize an old painting, the Mona Lisa for example, by adding elements from the present day.
  13. Cave art. Let your students create their own versions of cave art by painting on crumpled up bags or folders, or even having kids paint under tables like they are really in a cave.
  14. Hand-print dragon. Your students can learn about Chinese culture and history, as well as celebrate the New Year, when they create this super fun dragon project.

Recycled and Repurposed

These project ideas will help you reuse and repurpose old stuff into a new and totally awesome art project.

Styrofoam prints. A boring piece of styrofoam can become a great tool for creating prints when you check out this awesome idea.

Art on a book page. An old book can get new life when you ask students to paint on its pages.

Sharpie tie-dye. Sharpies aren’t just good for writing, as you’ll see here. They can also be used to create some super psychedelic tye-dye.

Foam stamp blocks. Students can have fun making their own stamps out of foam and small blocks, perfect for a lesson on printmaking.

Q-tip tree art. Q-tips might not seem like a go-to art supply at first, but this cute project might change your mind.

CD weavings. You never knew those old, terrible CDs could be so cool again, but this project will show you how.

Toilet paper tube owls. Old toilet paper rolls can get totally cutified when you turn them into little owls with your students.

Coffee filter leaves. Coffee filters, watercolors, and some scissors turn something boring into something beautiful as you’ll see from this pin.

Classroom Ideas

These pins offer some great ideas for classroom organization and activities.

  1. Colored pencil organization. Recycle old milk jugs into some great colored pencil storage solutions just by following the instructions found here.
  2. Reuse old markers. Old markers may still have some life left in them yet when you soak them in water and make your own watercolors.
  3. Repurposed muffin tin for storage. A muffin tin, paired with some cups, is a great place to store all the essentials students will need for projects.
  4. Paper storage idea. Learn how to turn old boxes into awesome paper storage devices from this pin.
  5. Paint bucket art storage. Here, you’ll find a great idea for repurposing a paint bucket for the art classroom.
  6. Art dice. These fun dice allow students to make a game out of drawing and painting, with each roll requiring them to use a different style of line.

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