The 30 Best College Mom Blogs

College is an exciting time in the life of any family, whether your kids are going off to college or if you’re going back to school yourself. But it’s also a time of anxiety, planning, and hard work while pursuing dreams of a higher education. These 30 blogs offer great advice, commiseration, and resources for success, written by and for moms of students, as well as moms who’ve decided to invest more in their own education.

Moms of Students


If you’re preparing to send your kids off to college, be sure to check out these blogs for helpful advice and guidance.

  1. Practical College Moms

    Find great ideas and strategies for getting your teenager set up for college in a savvy way from Practical College Moms, offering tips for the road to college, college life, and outfitting your child’s first dorm or apartment. (Recommended Post: 9 Things for Moms to Find Out at Student Orientation)

  2. Mom U

    Caren Osten Gerszberg writes this blog for the New York Times sharing her insights and reflections on the admissions process as the mother of a high school senior. (Recommended Post: Deferral? Denial? Acceptance?)

  3. The Neurotic Parent

    Save yourself from panic, and let this blog do all of it for you. The author shares your angst about the college admissions process in the most difficult year to get into college in history. (Recommended Post: Prelude to Empty Nesting)

  4. Idiot Mom

    This mom may call herself an idiot, but she offers smart blog posts, chronicling the admissions process of her soon-to-be college student daughter. (Recommended Post: The College Search is On)

  5. Motherlode

    Motherlode discusses adventures in parenting from Facebook to college admissions and everything in between. (Recommended Post: Colleges Discuss the ‘Ideal’ High School Graduate)

  1. Sorority Parents

    This blog caters not only to college parents, but sorority parents, with all of the additional insights and perspectives that come along with it. (Recommended Post: Growing Up Quickly)

  2. College Mom Minute

    Dr. Nancy Berk’s podcast offers advice for college moms who need admissions process guidance and parent survival tips. (Recommended Post: Special Delivery)

  3. The Bean Blog

    Follow along as this mom’s kids grow up fast, including a soon-to-be 18-year-old who will promote her to the title of “college mom.” (Recommended Post: Promotion)

  4. Simple Tuition

    Simple Tuition offers plans for paying less for college, and living as an empty nester. (Recommended Post: Two kids, two tuition bills)

  5. College Parent 101

    College Parent 101 reflects on and addresses the issues of the transition to college. (Recommended Post: Move-In Weekend)

  1. The College Solution

    Lynn O’Shaughnessy writes this blog not just as the mother of college students, but as a best-selling author and nationally recognized college expert with a lot to say for college moms seeking advice. (Recommended Post: The Myth of the Ivy League)

  2. Your College Kid

    Find guides, articles, and timely pointers for parents of college-bound students on this blog. You’ll learn about money matters and other important issues from professionals, parents, and more. (Recommended Post: 5 Habits You Should Drop Now That Your Kid is a College Student)

  3. GeekMom

    How do geek moms deal with sending their kids off to college? Find out on this blog. (Recommended Post: Wanted: A More Logical College Essay Process)

  4. Alleyoop’s Skipping Dinner Blog

    Follow along with this college readiness blog for parents to make sure you and your child are on track for a great college career. (Recommended Post: College Debt: A Modest Proposal)

  5. The College Parent Handbook

    Read The College Parent Handbook to find support for yourself as a college parent while you provide support to your college student. (Recommended Post: What Are You Going to Do with That Degree?)

  1. Mom’s College Cram Course

    This mom has embarked on an “accelerated learning program” to find out everything she can about the college admissions process. Read along to find out what she’s learned so far. (Recommended Post: Try, Apply and Never Look Back)

  2. College Planning Solutions

    The College Planning Solutions blog works to help parents and students find the assistance they need to plan for college, discussing best-fit colleges, empowerment from parents, high school college counseling, and more. (Recommended Post: Do Senior-Year Classes and Grades Count?)

  3. Campus Talk Blog

    Petula Wright discusses saying goodbye to your college student, considering health insurance, and other important topics for college moms. (Recommended Post: Higher education and selfless acts of community service

  4. College Search Game PLAN

    Follow this blog to make a parent plan for your child’s college search. (Recommended Post: College search? What do parents really worry about?)

  5. Hoverings

    This blog from the College Parents of America shares insight on financial aid, college majors, and encouragement, specifically for parents of college students. (Recommended Post: Did You Get a Job Yet?)

  1. Moms of Gen Y

    This blog reminds moms that parenting doesn’t stop after high school graduation; it continues through college, marriage, and even beyond. (Recommended Post: The Loss of Land Lines and Random Contact)

  2. Radical Parenting

    Radical Parenting isn’t written by a mom, parent, or even an adult, but rather by kids, sharing their perspective on college parenting and more. (Recommended Post: All About the College Application Process)

  3. Plan for College

    Find the best fit for financial aid by reading the Plan for College blog, written for both parents and students concerned with college money. (Recommended Post: College Planning-A Mother’s Perspective on the Beginning)

  4. College Planning Blog

    Find news on planning for college as a parent from this blog, including college tours, college planning myths, and more. (Recommended Post: 8 Key College Planning Investment Strategies for All Families)

Moms in School

Kids aren’t the only ones headed off to school these days; some moms are making a change and taking the plunge, too! Read these blogs to learn about the lives and challenges of moms pursuing college degrees.

  1. Serendipity Mommy

    Is this mom crazy or crazy smart for pursuing a life as a mom of three and full-time culinary student? Decide for yourself on her blog, but be forewarned: her delicious food photos are going to make you hungry! (Recommended Post: The Unique Challenges of Being a Student and Mom)

  2. The College Mom

    Mary writes The College Mom for mothers who are going back to school, or at least thinking about it. She shares her trials, tribulations, and lessons learned in the road to higher education while raising a family. (Recommended Post: Back to School Checklist for College Moms)

  3. The Life of a College Stay-at-Home Mom

    Read about motherhood in the college world from this mom who manages mommy burnout, college, and marriage. (Recommended Post: A Lesson for Motherhood)

  4. Confessions of a Wannabe Supermom

    This mom says she wants to be a supermom, but we think she already is. She balances family, work, and college, while somehow keeping it all together, and even finds a way to blog about it so other college moms can learn from her as well. (Recommended Post: It’s Just a Season)

  5. A Twinkle in Time

    Follow along one day at a time as this mom balances college, work, life, and being a mom, all while struggling with depression. (Recommended Post: Better to plan for the worst)

  6. Classes and Careers

    Find balance in life and school as a college mom with the help of the Classes and Careers blog. (Recommended Post: How moms can meal plan effectively around college studies)

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