Be an Eco-Friendly Student and Reuse Coffee Grounds

By: Erika Jaramillo

For many students, coffee is the drink-of-choice when it comes to getting that extra pep in their step in the mornings— and especially on those late study nights. In fact, according to statistics, more than 150 million of people drink at least one cup of coffee a day. That’s a lot of coffee lovers, and more importantly, a lot of coffee grounds that are thrown in the trash. But did you know that you can save a lot of money and help protect the environment by reusing all of your coffee grounds? Continue reading below to find out how.

The first thing that you can use your old coffee grounds for is a homemade deodorizer. Somewhat like baking powder, coffee grounds work to remove any kind of odor that can be found in your refrigerator, closet or even inside of your smelly shoes. All you need to do is let the coffee grounds dry out by spreading them on a flat surface, such as a plate or cookie sheet, and then place them in a sachet or nylon ball. Coffee grounds can also remove the odor that’s left on your hands after dealing with garlic and onion—smells that even soap sometimes can’t remove. Just rub the coffee grounds in your palms and back of your hands, mix it with some warm water and viola! Smell removed.

Coffee grounds will also work wonders to remove pet odor. Yes, your coffee grounds can make a great pet shampoo. All you need to do is mix some wet coffee grounds with some warm water until it creates a thick paste. Slather your pet with this paste to remove odor and flees. Wash the paste out with some warm water and your pet’s coat will noticeably be shiner. You can even try it on your own head of hair if you want to add some extra shine to your mane. While in the shower, you can also slather some paste on your body. But instead, add some oil or lotion to create an exfoliater. This should remove any dead skin cells that are on your body.

Lastly, you can reuse your coffee grounds to simply make a second pot of coffee. Yes, coffee old coffee grounds can be used again. Some choose not to do this because they complain about the "freshness" (they say it tastes differently). But others claim there is no real difference. Save a bundle on coffee by using your coffee grounds in any of the ways mentioned above.

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