10 Totally Cool Libraries That Love Gamers

Once upon a time, libraries were sanctuaries of quiet, devoted to reading and not much else. But the modern library has recognized the institution’s function not only as a place for reading, but community, lifelong learning, exploration, technology and fun. Libraries everywhere are adopting gaming programs that allow patrons to not only check out popular titles, but also play games during events and more. Read on to learn about 10 libraries with excellent gaming programs.

  1. Charlotte Mecklenburg Library: The CMLibrary has several different events for gamers, whether they love Xbox or board games. Strategy games including Settlers of Catan, and even online gaming vs. the Detroit Public Library are available for teens and other age groups.
  2. Sac Library: Wii lovers will enjoy events at the Sac Library, with Super Smash Brothers, Mario Kart and Rock Band on the library’s big screen. Board gamers have options too, including chess and other classics.
  3. Kalamazoo Public Library: Kalamazoo has video games available for checkout on the DS, Wii, Playstation, Xbox and PC, with a 7 day loan period and reserves allowed.
  4. San Fernando Library: At the San Fernando Library, kids can come play popular games like Guitar Hero, and often return even when there aren’t any game events going on.
  5. ImaginOn: The Children’s Theater of Charlotte and the Public Library of Charlotte and Meckenburg County teamed up to create a theater and youth library, with the second floor reserved for young adults. Here, ImaginOn offers a variety of gaming programs, typically up to two per week, with open gaming Madden NFL, NBA Live and Rock Band.
  6. San Bernardino County Library: San Bernardino’s library offers a teen gamers lounge every Friday from 4-5 PM. Teens can play video games on the big screen or enjoy board and word games with friends.
  7. University of Illinois Library: The library at the University of Illinois has an entire gaming initiative, offering not only a gaming collection, gaming center, and suggestions for games to buy, but gaming research, careers and gaming on campus.
  8. Westbank Library: Westbank Library in Austin, Texas turned into a haven for young gamers for a week. After closing time, teens played Super Smash Bros, Dance Dance Revolution and even board games like Cranium.
  9. Grandview Heights Public Library: At Grandview, teens aren’t the only ones who can enjoy games at Grandview Heights. The library has CD-ROMs for kids under 6, including Dr. Seuss, Clifford, and Mercer Mayer.
  10. Allen County Public Library: In Fort Wayne, Indiana, Dungeons & Dragons gamers rule the summer. For seven weeks, the library puts on a D&D competition for teens.

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