50 Best Blogs for Spanish Majors

Students majoring in Spanish have positioned themselves for a variety of lucrative careers after graduation, whether in business, the arts, travel and hospitality industry, education, politics, journalism and media, or other career paths. And when you want to find out exactly what it is you want to do after college — and where you want to do it — turn to these blogs for language help, travel and living abroad suggestions, food and wine insights to enrich your cultural experiences, and news stories from Spanish-speaking countries.

Language Practice

Find Spanish language lessons on these blogs.

  1. The Spanish Blog: Laura teaches readers about Spanish and Spain in this language blog, which includes videos of her pronouncing and explaining words.
  2. Notes in Spanish: This language educator keeps you updated on new tools, translation tips and more.
  3. SpanishPrograms: Here you will read up on language variations, Spanish culture, travel tips, and language education.
  4. Learn Spanish On Your Own: Get lessons and reviews of popular Spanish learning software.
  5. Expanish: This blog is helpful for teachers and students of all ages, and will help you learn Spanish while also developing an interest in different countries’ culture.
  6. Learn Spanish Blog: Get blog posts, lessons, beginners’ advice, literature and culture features, and more.
  7. SpanishTeaching: Students and teachers of Spanish learn more about Spanish-speaking countries while getting language lessons here.
  8. SpanishPod101.com: Get free podcast lessons here.

Food and Dining

Practice making traditional dishes or just learn about the foods that are unique to the countries you hope to visit or live in one day. Bonus if you can make recipes published in Spanish.

  1. Spanish Food: Lisa and Tony Sierra’s blog shares yummy recipes like spanish chorizo and serrano ham pizza, ensaimadas, and more authentic dishes.
  2. Olive Me: Learn all about food culture as you browse the tantalizing photographs this blogger takes of the meals she whips up.
  3. Tiritinyam: Although this blogger writes about different types of cuisines, you’ll enjoy translating his foodie adventures from Spanish while learning about great local spots he finds.
  4. Spanish Wine Culture Blog: Find out what’s new on the Spanish wine scene, from Madrid to Toro to Rioja and beyond.
  5. Lobstersquad: This Madrid resident and illustrator loves cooking and blogs about recipes, favorite dishes, and more. Also worth it for the images accompanying each post.
  6. Simply Spanish Food: Read this blog to learn how to cook and eat real Spanish food.
  7. Gerry Dawes’s Spain: An Insider’s Guide to Spanish Food, Wine, Culture and Travel: From tapas bar reviews to tips on planning a culinary vacation to Spain, Gerry Dawes is a fabulous foodie resource.
  8. Adventures in Spanish Food and Wine: Watch videos and read posts about Spanish wine, food, dining culture, travel, and more.
  9. The Spanish Wine Blog: This blog actually loving Spanish wine in Beijing, but it’s a great primer if you’re wanting to learn about wine from Spain.
  10. CataVino: Spanish and Portuguese wine and food are celebrated on this blog.
  11. El Invitado de Invier No: Here’s another Spanish-language cooking and food blog with recipes and posts that celebrate food and drink.
  12. Top Spanish Tapas: Get ideas for making your own tapas and Spanish videos with cooks and foodies.

Travel and Study Abroad

Whether you want to study abroad, travel after college or move to a Spanish speaking country to work, visit these blogs that will teach you more about Spain, Central America and South America.

  1. La tortuga viajera: “The traveling turtle” is a blog about living and experiencing Madrid as an American living abroad.
  2. Spain Travel: Damin Corrigan guides you through Spanish travel and travel planning here.
  3. Sunshine and Siestas: This blogger said goodbye to Chicago and hello to Spain, where she teaches English and never wants to leave.
  4. Spain Travel Blog: This blog aims to convince you that a trip to Spain is in order.
  5. Culture Spain: This comprehensive blog covers everything about life in Spain, from wildfires to divorce protocol to holidays to strikes, great for visitors or those planning to move.
  6. A Life in Spain: This community blog discusses Spanish news, culture, travel, dining and more.
  7. American in Spain: This North Carolina native has been living the expat life in Europe since 2001, and here he writes about daily life living in the town of Colindres, Spain.
  8. La Vida Alcalaina: If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s really like to live in southern Spain, read this blog that’s full of pictures and video.
  9. La Playa San Juan: Written in Spanish, this blog boasts about all there is to do in San Juan and is also a good peek into Spanish culture.
  10. Blogging Loja: This blog is all about living in and traveling to the small southern town of Loja, and also includes detailed commentary on news stories in Spain.
  11. Thoughts from Galicia, Spain: A Brit living in Spain gives an honest — and not always sunny — perspective on living in Spain.
  12. Spanish Shilling: Read essays going back to 2006 about life in Spain.
  13. Sangria, Sol y Siesta: There’s also a bit about Spain’s royal family, Spanish entertainment and news, and more.
  14. Christine in Spain: Christine moved from Seattle to Spain after graduating college, and on her blog, debunks myths about living there. She also hopes to be an inspiration to others wanting to live an unconventional life and see the world.
  15. A View of Madrid: If you’re thinking of studying abroad in Madrid, read this personal but informative blog.
  16. The Spain Scoop: Learn about upcoming events, Spanish food and entertainment, and a lot more about enjoying your trip or move to Spain.
  17. A Lot of Wind: This photo blog features beautiful photographs that show off the diverse culture, geography and people of Spain.
  18. Spain is My Happy Place: Use this blog to educate yourself on all the little idiosyncrasies of life in Spain, particularly Madrid.
  19. Made for Spain Blog: This blog contains detailed posts that will teach you about Spanish food and wine, top cities and regions, history, art, and more.
  20. South America: Here you’ll read real stories about expats and people living in South America.
  21. Patagonia Living: Christie Pashby proves that Argentina isn’t just livable, but downright enviable.
  22. Seashells and Sunflowers: Katie lives in Buenos Aires but grew up in Philly. Read her blog about South American travel, food, residency and more.

News and Entertainment

Keep up with the dialogues in Spanish-speaking countries as you practice translating stories from the blogs on these newspaper and magazine sites.

  1. La Nacion: Argentina’s top newspaper has a website and blogs here.
  2. Yucatan: Read news from Mexico while exploring Mayan culture here.
  3. Semana: Colombia’s weekly magazine Semana will help you practice language skills while learning about culture, news and entertainment from that country.
  4. Cinco Dias: This Spanish newspaper has a website with blogs, new media, news, and a lot more.
  5. La Nacion: Keep up with what’s going on in Costa Rica as you translate from this newspaper’s site.
  6. El Telegrafo: Ecuador’s oldest newspaper maintains a modern website with photos, news, and a culture section.
  7. La Prensa: This Central American paper reports on sports, politics, culture, and more from around the region.
  8. ABC: ABC is another major Spanish newspaper worth checking out.


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