What You Can Do With An Online Library Science Degree

The slow depletion of bricks-and-mortar bookstores may lead us to wonder if libraries and librarians are nearing extinction. However, with the advent of ebooks and the digitization of text books, encyclopedias and other print media, an experienced librarian is still necessary for cataloguing, categorizing and recommending these electronic resources.

Getting your library science degree online can prepare you for whatever fun advancements technology throws your way. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that the employment of librarians will see a growth of eight percent between 2008 and 2018 despite federal budget cuts affecting libraries nationwide. Here are three reasons why pursuing your library science degree online can make you an especially valuable resource in today’s job market:

Electronic databases continue to expand. In an effort to save paper and trim expenses for students, many colleges are turning to ebooks for classroom instruction. Professors and instructors have a good idea of which books they prefer using, but they don’t always know which books are available. Institutions are always looking to hire librarians who understand electronic databases and researching information on the internet.

An interactive learning environment.Gone are the old images of libraries sitting hunched at a desk or over an open filing cabinet drawer. By earning your library science degree online, you become instantly familiarized with research and archival techniques for the digital age.

An online library science degree can help you land jobs in other fields. Drexel University’s online Master’s in Library Science program is not only highly ranked by U.S. News & World Report, but it also allows students to choose a concentration, such as a Digital Libraries concentration, an Archival Studies concentration and a Library and Information Services concentration. Even if you choose another program to get your degree, you can apply the same skills once you graduate. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that many librarians go on to use their skills in information management and research in database development, reference tool development, information systems, publishing, Internet coordination, marketing, and Web content management and design.

Online library science degree programs are ALA-accredited. Drexel University, North Carolina Central University, State University of New York at Buffalo, and Texas Women’s University are part of the growing list of traditional institutions offering online library science degrees that are accredited with the American Library Association. Getting your degree with an accredited institution connects you to a network of other librarians with a bounty of resources

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