Give Yourself a Mental Break

Studying furiously for six straight hours is not as efficient as you may think. The fact of the matter is that after a certain point, your brain becomes tired, causing you to lose your ability to concentrate and retain information. To get the most out of your study sessions, remember to give yourself regular intervals of rest so that you may recharge your mental batteries.

Just as you need to take regular breaks from lifting heavy weights in order to see results with muscle growth, you need to take regular breaks from studying in order to maximize the amount of information you can retain. This is especially true for memorization tasks, such as when you sit down to study the names, dates, and significance of historical figures for a history examination. For every hour that you study, plan to take a ten minute break. This will allow your brain time to reflect on what it just learned. In addition, getting up and moving around will increase the circulation to your brain, making it more active and primed for data absorption when you sit back down to begin studying again.

If you ever find yourself struggling to concentrate, or if you find that you simply cannot focus on something without becoming distracted mere moments later, simply stop studying and take a break. It should be noted that there is a difference between actually trying to concentrate and failing to do so and simply not wanting to concentrate. Only take a break if you are experiencing the former of the two. If you are experiencing the latter, train yourself to hunker down and get to work.

Getting tired is another sign that you need to take a break from your studies. Reading copious amounts of notes can be exhausting, so you will need to break up that routine with a different activity during your study break. For example, if your study routine consists mainly of reading notes off of a computer screen or notebook, do something else when you take a break. Do not stay on the computer and read something, even if it is unrelated to your studies during your break because that will only increase your study fatigue. Instead, opt for a complete change of scenery in order to really rest your mind and prepare yourself for Round Two (or Five) of studying.

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