The 50 Best Blogs for Conservation Studies Students

The green movement gained so much momentum in recent years, it’s unlikely to go down in history as yet another briefly cool sociopolitical fad. Students eager to play a part in keeping Earth clean and sustainable flock to degree plans allowing them a chance to leave a positive impact on the environment. As with most fields these days, the internet provides numerous supplementary resources when they desire to see what their peers and professionals make of current events and developments. This listing provides a small sample of some particularly interesting blogs, though some very good ones were left on the metaphorical cutting-room floor due to space constraints. Readers would do well to check out these others for a much broader perspective!


  1. Cleantech Blog: As the title implies, this resource explores the latest news and views on green, sustainable technologies, including alternative energy!
  2. Alternative Energy Stocks: Check out Alternative Energy Stocks for information on both investment and the different technologies being used or developed to keep the planet clean.
  3. R Squared Energy Blog: Robert Rapier talks about various energy, alternative energy and environmental issues with the hope of nurturing productive talks.
  4. Greentech Media: Bookmark this sterling blog and community and use it to catch up on green technology and alternative energy news and opinions.
  5. EcoGeek: While not exclusively about alternative energy and cleantech, EcoGeek devotes a goodly chunk of its content to exploring these subjects.
  6. GreenBeat: VentureBeat presents a great blog dedicated to keeping readers on top of the green technology and energy scenes.
  7. Two Steps Forward: Joel Makower covers both green business and technology here at his useful blog. Be sure to check out his website as well.
  8. Clean Break: Part of the Green Living Network, Tyler Hamilton’s Clean Break peers into both business and development trends going on in the eco-friendly technology sector.
  9. Clean Technica: Follow this blog for some seriously cool developments in cleantech, alternative energy and other scientific inquiries into environmental friendliness.
  10. Earth2Tech: GigaOm presents a resource focused specifically on green technology developments and applications worldwide.

Environmental Science, Conservation and Ecology

  1. Grist: Science, business and politics collide in a very popular blog dedicated to passionately furthering the green cause. Be sure to read the columns as well!
  2. Environment at Live Science: Conservation studies students hoping to supplement their environmental science lessons would do well to explore one of the more comprehensive resources available.
  3. VCE Environmental Science: When looking for news about biodiversity, energy, waste, water and more, VCE Environmental Science has students covered.
  4. Cool Green Science: The Nature Conservatory presents an amazingly detailed resource covering a broad range of environmental science topics.
  5. Earth Watch: Richard Black with the BBC brings general audiences the latest news, opinions and developments on ecological subjects using clear language most readers can follow.
  6. Coffee & Conservation: Even the cups of coffee most people take for granted still leave a considerable environmental (and economic) impact. Coffee & Conservation brings some of these related issues to light.
  7. Both the blog and the website remain incredibly popular resources for anyone interested in ecology and preservation efforts made around the world.
  8. Conservation Maven: Students with a particular interest in conservation, wildlife and forestry should bookmark this amazing resource and follow all the latest updates.
  9. Conservation Magazine: The official blog of Conservation Magazine carries on the exact same eco-friendly content as the periodical.
  10. Dot Earth: From The New York Times comes an accessible read covering the entire gamut of ecology, environmental science and conservation news stories. Along with green living tips, too!

Green Living

  1. Inhabitat: Find out what green design can do for humanity and the planet it inhabits, complete with news, product information, green living advice and more.
  2. TreeHugger: Treehugger offers up much, much more than green living tips, rounding out its content with news, technology, recipes, culture and plenty more.
  3. No Impact Man: Colin Beavan shares his findings about how to lessen mankind’s negative impact on the environment, with plenty of small tips for those just starting out.
  4. Sustainablog: Scope out the best (and worst) new products for the green lifestyle at the well-regarded Sustainablog — and website.
  5. The Green Life: The Sierra Club’s eco-friendly lifestyle blog covers things big and small that people can do to keep Earth as happy and healthy as possible.
  6. The Daily Green: Multiple blogs, articles, news stories, media and more come together at one of the most popular green living resources available.
  7. Marc’s Green Living Blog:’s green living blog and website, maintained by Marc Lallanilla, is a great place to start when researching ways to lessen one’s negative environmental impact.
  8. Green Living Blog: Despite its comparatively lax update schedule, The Guardian‘s Green Living Blog still provides some nice pointers for anyone pursuing or studying such things.
  9. Nature Moms Blog: Stop here to learn about ways to raise healthy kids on eco-friendly products and pass down those green genes to the next generation.
  10. Care2 Green Living: Yahoo! and Care2 bring visitors excellent tips, tricks and news regarding how and why to live green, no matter one’s budget.


  1. Circle of Blue Water News: Keep up with this resource — including a blog, website, infographics and plenty of other media — for the latest updates on the world’s water crisis.
  2. WaterWired: Michael E. “Aquadoc” Campana writes about anything and everything pertaining to fresh water, a theme conservation enthusiasts no doubt find interesting and relevant.
  3. Aguanomics: Learn all about the business and economic trends impacting the water supply and industry, courtesy of David Zetland.
  4. Elizabeth Royte: A prolific science writer keeps readers posted on water, waste and the sad overlaps frequently existing between them.
  5. Water Words that Work: This company devotes its time, talent and resources to helping businesses reduce their pollution output and keeping the water supply as safe as it can.
  6. Tap It: Pay Tap It a visit for some informative lessons in about all things water, particularly that slated for consumption.
  7. The Beacon: Conservation studies students enamored of the oceans should bookmark The Beacon in order to stay on top of news, views and developments from across the Seven Seas.
  8. Carl Safina: As the largest ecosystem on the planet, the oceans come packed with their own unique scientific phenomena and concerns.
  9. Riparian Rap: Visit this blog for more information about rivers, particularly their geomorphology, conservation efforts and ecology.
  10. NGWA blog: Multiple writers representing the National Ground Water Association post articles on exactly what one would expect from the title.

Zoos and Aquariums

  1. ZooBorns: Criminally adorable newborn zoo animals — many of them endangered species — remind visitors of why the institutions, when following ethical guidelines, can be so very important to conservation efforts.
  2. San Diego Zoo Blogs: No matter one’s zoological or conservationist leanings, the world-renowned San Diego Zoo likely offers a blog to pique his or her curiosity.
  3. Houston Zoo Blogs: With four blogs to choose from, conservation students are sure to find at least one of the Houston Zoo’s offerings a great supplement to their studies.
  4. The Zoo Atlanta Keeper Blog: “Keeper Notes” update visitors on Zoo Atlanta’s efforts to promote conservation efforts and wildlife awareness, including lectures, special events and more. Every Tuesday, it offers a USTREAM live chat with different keepers and allows anyone to submit questions.
  5. Woodland Park Zoo Blog: Stop by this blog for some seriously cool, accessible information about animals and initiatives to keep them safe, healthy and sustained.
  6. The Official Sacramento Zoo Blog: Unlike many other zoo blogs, the one hailing from Sacramento focuses more on animals and education than straight-up conservation issues, though it still features such articles from time to time.
  7. Shedd Aquarium Interactive: Chicago’s famous aquarium dishes on fishes. And the ocean, conservation efforts, marine education and research and other relevant subjects, too.
  8. Tennessee Aquarium Blog: Straight outta Chattanooga comes a resource devoted to preservation and education regarding the ocean’s rich biological bounty, though they do care for many land-based species as well.
  9. Sea Notes: The Monterey Bay Aquarium mainly blogs about the conservation efforts with which it is involved, as well as day-to-day life within its walls and tanks.
  10. Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium Blog: Conservation aficionados get a two-for-one deal here, with plenty of excellent information on wildlife and ecological preservation events and initiatives in Pennsylvania and beyond.

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