Powering Through Your Writer’s Block

Nearly every online college course will require you to write lengthy essays. These essays are designed to test your knowledge on the class subject, as well as to encourage you to research more intensively on a particular topic within your class subject. However, essays can be a real drag if you simply cannot think of what to write or even where to start.

Writer’s block is a common thing, so the first step to overcoming it is to not become discouraged when inspiration for your essay seems out of reach. Instead, breathe deeply and allow your stress to melt away. One thing to try in an effort to get over your writer’s block is to simply begin writing from whatever point you desire. Chances are you have at least some idea of what you want your essay to say, even if you do not know where to start. Instead of dwelling over the perfect opening paragraph, simply begin writing from the middle of the essay without worrying about sentence structure or even cohesiveness. The goal is simply to get yourself writing. You may find that as you keep writing, more ideas will come, which will allow you to better flesh out your essay. After that is complete, you may find it easier to go back and tweak what you have written and craft an introductory paragraph.

Another writer’s block remedy is to change locations. Take your laptop with you to another room, or as far as another building altogether. The change in scenery can get your senses going, sparking a new idea in your mind from which to build off of. You can achieve the same effect by leaving your computer at home and going for a walk. Not only will being away from your desk allow you to think more clearly outside of the intimidating confines of your home classroom, but walking around will also get your blood pumping, allowing yourself to wake up and think more clearly.

Writer’s block does not have to scare you away from crafting a well-written essay. Instead of simply stressing out over it and wasting your time, try writing from the middle of your essay or getting up for a change of scenery. Those things may be just what your mind needed to power through your writer’s block and get your essay cranked out and turned in on time.

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