Picking Your Electives Courses

After all of your major and minor requirements have been fulfilled, all you have left are some electives credits. These are hours that need to be met before you can graduate, but what classes you choose to fill those hours are entirely up to you. Do not think of this as a waste of time just because it is unrelated to your major, and do not think of it as an opportunity to take blow-off classes that will simply guarantee you an easy A without any real payoff. Instead, take advantage of your electives credits to build some valuable soft skills as well as explore subjects you have always been fascinated with.

Soft skills are skills and knowledge that are valuable in the work place, but typically are not directly taught in the classroom. Such skill sets include communication skills, persuasive skills, people skills, and writing skills. Picking certain electives can help you to develop these soft skills so that you are more prepared for the professional work environment once you graduate. Consider courses like Business Writing, Accounting, Technical Writing, Public Speaking, and Logic. All of these will help you to cultivate your expertise in communicating well with others, including your team members and superiors, so that all of your assignments can be completed as efficiently as possible.

When choosing your electives courses, you should also fit in a few classes that will help your personal growth. If there has always been a subject that you have been interested in, consider taking a class to learn more about it, whether it is Ancient History, a foreign language, or a fine arts class. You will not have many more opportunities outside of college where you will possess enough free time to take on your hobbies and interests, so do not let that chance pass you up. In addition, consider enrolling in classes that will make you well-rounded as a person. Learn about your country’s history, and about other countries and religions as well with cultural courses. Having knowledge of your own culture as well as the cultures of others will help you to be more tolerant and understanding of others, which is increasingly important in today’s global economy.

Your electives classes should help you to become the best person you can be. Take classes that will make you a better listener and communicator, and take classes that will allow you to learn more about others and yourself. However, do not forget to also take courses that will enable you to fully explore a previous interest and passion.

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