50 Best Blogs for Botany Students

With hundreds of thousands of plant species out there and more being discovered all the time, there’s always something new and exciting for a student of botany to be learning about. While they will no doubt learn a great deal about plant life from their college courses, it never hurts to supplement a program of study with some additional reading material. Visit these blogs to explore plant taxonomy, learn about plants in politics, ogle a few pretty pictures of plants and find advice and information from botanists, professors, students and even gardening gurus.

Botanical Blogs

These blogs are botany-focused, providing news and information you can use as a student and future plant scientist.

  1. AoB Blog: If you’re planning on being a professional in the field of botany, bookmark this blog now. You’ll get updates about the latest research in the field from the Annals of Botany.
  2. Plant Science Blog: A division of the Biology Blog, this site offers up some of the latest discoveries in plant science, with new posts regularly.
  3. Plants and Botany: This group of plant lovers post pictures, questions and discussions on this blog, which can be a great way for newbies to the field to learn more.
  4. Foothills Fancies: Embrace the wonders of the natural world with this blog, written by naturalist S.L. White.
  5. PAPGREN: The Pacific Agricultural Genetic Resource Network supplies those interested in plant genetic research and discovers with news and helpful articles here.
  6. Berry Go Round: Looking for the best posts and blogs to read about plants? This blog hosts a monthly carnival, with links to a wide range of interesting botanical material.
  7. Blog: Botany: On this blog you’ll find posts from Dr. Robson of The Manitoba Museum. She shares some interesting stories about the plants the museum houses.
  8. Thomas’ Plant-Related Blog: Blogger Thomas loves plants, and on this site you’ll find numerous articles on interesting plant species, from plankton to broccoli.


Use these blogs to learn about some new plant genera and species, some of which are amazingly unique.

  1. Botany Blog: This blog is a must-read for any botany student or plant lover. Readers will find regular posts highlighting one particular plant species– a great way to learn more about the innumerable plant species out there.
  2. Net World Directory Botany Blog: Check back with this blog often to learn more about specific plants as well as their cultivation and use.
  3. Get Your Botany On!: This blog is filled with beautiful images and descriptions of plants as well as some posts touching on important news items in the world of botany.
  4. Plants are the Strangest People: Here you’ll find a plant-loving blogger who works in a garden center, posting on everything from useful plant resources to the care and feeding of houseplants.
  5. Exploring the World of Trees: Want to know more about the tree species of the world? This blog is a good place to start, with posts focusing on specific types of trees accompanied by pretty pictures of them.

Botanists and Plant Experts

Hear from professors, botanists and a wide range of plant experts on these great blogs.

  1. Niches: Here, Georgia bloggers and plant biologists Wayne and Glenn discuss native plants, habitats and the field at large.
  2. Talking Plants: Jaime Plaza of the Sydney Botanic Gardens shares photos and information on plants on this blog.
  3. The Phytophactor: This blogger shares a love of plants on this site, but also works as a botanist focusing on economic botany, rain forest ecology and plant diversity.
  4. Biofortified: With a wide range of professionals in plant science fields posting to this site, it’s a great read for anyone interested in the genetic manipulation of plants for agricultural purposes.
  5. Invasive Species Weblog: Jennifer Forman Orth, an invasive plant ecologist, shares her expertise on invasive plant problems troubling biologists the world over.
  6. California Botany Blog: Dean William Taylor offers a look at some of his research into flowers and seeds on this blog.
  7. Seeds Aside: Focusing on plant evolution and ecology, this blogger shares what he’s learning in botany with readers on this site.
  8. Botanizing: Larry Hufford, Professor of Biology, posts about his expeditions into the natural world here, with lovely photos to illustrate.
  9. A Digital Botanic Garden: This blog is the home of Phil Gates, a botanist working at Durham University. You’ll find excellent posts on a wide variety of plant life that will help you learn about and marvel at the plant world.


These students share their research and passion for plants though their blogs.

  1. My Growing Passion: Margaret Morgan is studying to get her degree in Biology, with a focus on plant life, but she also just plain has a passion for botanicals. On this site, see posts that reflect both her interest in growing and learning about plants.
  2. James and the Giant Corn: Grad and doctoral students in botany can take a peek into another student’s work through this blog from Berkeley student James.
  3. Moss Plants and More: Read through this blog to learn more about bryology, the study of mosses, from graduate student Jessica.


If you want a blog that focuses on one type of plant, ecosystem or botany subject, these sites are excellent resources.

  1. Cactus Blog: If you prefer your plants pointy and leafless, then check out this cactus-centric blog. You’ll learn about all things succulent and cacti related.
  2. Wild Plants Post: While cultivated plants can be great, this blog chooses to focus on their wild cousins, sharing posts about ecosystems and evolution as well.
  3. My Orchids Journal: Many houseplant enthusiasts love to grow orchids and other tropical flowering plants. Learn more about what it takes to get them growing right from this blog.
  4. Early Forest: Those with a passion for trees and forestry will find this blog, and its amazing photos, a great inspiration.
  5. Treeblog: Can’t get enough of those monsters of the plant world, trees? This blog is full of great information and guidance on how to learn more.
  6. No Seeds, No Fruits, No Flowers: No Problem: With hundreds of different and diverse varieties, ferns have fascinated people for hundreds of years. Learn more about these beautiful plants through this blog.
  7. SwampThings: You’ll get a chance to better understand the ecology of the plants and animals that call the swamp home when you read this blog.
  8. The Plant Mafia Blog: These plant lovers are committed to raising beautiful, healthy plants and share them with each other, readers and local botanical gardens.


Botanic gardens are great places to learn more about plants and to see some rare and beautiful varieties in person. If you don’t live near one or just want a quick botanical fix, visit these blogs instead.

  1. Botany Photo of the Day: The UBC Botanical Garden posts a new photo of the gorgeous plants they care for on this blog every few days.
  2. Plant Talk: This blog from the New York Botanical Garden located in the Bronx, NY is a great source of information not only about the gardens but about plant life in general.
  3. Denver Botanic Gardens: Find out just what’s happening in Colorado’s Denver Botanic Gardens from this blog.
  4. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden: See photos of the beautiful greenhouses and gardens at this botanical garden on their blog, and get advice on great books, plant care and much more.
  5. Ogden Botanical Gardens: This blog will inspire your love of plants even more, with information about classes, seasonal bloomers and gardening activities.
  6. The Dig!: Green Bay Botanical Gardens share just what’s happening every season of the year, letting those in colder climes know when its worth it to brave the weather to see beautiful plants.
  7. Norfolk Botanical Garden: With detailed posts about the trees and flowers in their collection, this blog is a great read whether you can visit these gardens or not.

Horticulture and Agriculture

Plants can be wonderful on their own, but much human interaction with plants has to do with using and manipulating them to suit our own needs. That’s where these blogs come in. They’ll teach you the essentials of raising plants for pleasure and for sustenance.

  1. Garden Voices: If you don’t have time to browse multiple blogs, consider this blog that collects some of the best gardening posts from the web.
  2. Garden Rant: You’ll find gardening advice aplenty on this excellent horticultural blog.
  3. Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog: Read through this blog to gain a better understanding of what agricultural biodiversity is so important to world food supplies.
  4. Landscape Juice: With posts on gardening, landscape ecology, tree planting and other plant-focused matters, this blog is an excellent resource for those interested in botany or horticulture.
  5. Heavy Petal: Learn more about organic, urban gardening from this great blog.
  6. In the Herb Garden: The Herb Companion Magazine is home to this blog containing posts from a number of gardeners and herb lovers.
  7. Growing With Plants: If you want help deciding what to plant in your own backyard or just want to learn more about decorative plants, check out this blog.
  8. The Plant Hunter: Tim Wood travels the world in search of the coolest plants for home and garden and posts about them here.
  9. Love Plant Life Blog: This blog is focused on agriculture and growing food and while you can learn more about plants, you’re likely to learn more about policy.
  10. Plant Guides Blog: Need access to a helpful plant growing guide? This site is full of them.

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