Setting Up Your Home Classroom

Those who take their college classes online will most likely be doing so from the comfort of their own homes. Yet, the learning experience can be severely hindered if your home is a mess, cluttered, disheveled, and full of distractions. Luckily, with a bit of cleaning and rearranging, you can establish a great home classroom in your own place.

Firstly, you will need to pick a room in which to set up your home classroom. Be sure to pick a quiet spot that is low on foot traffic, such as a guest bedroom. A kitchen or living room would not be ideal places for a home classroom simply because many people tend to go through those areas throughout the day. You certainly do not want to have your studies distracted by people moving in and out of the room for hours. Instead, a bedroom or guest bedroom are great places for a home classroom because there are fewer people who would be dropping in and out.

Then, set up a suitable work area. You should have a desk on which to set your computer. While laptop users may be used to working with their laptops on their legs, this can become uncomfortable for when you are trying to read a large portion of your online textbook. Instead, set up a desk and position your computer monitor carefully so as to avoid screen glares and eye strains. Ensure that your desk is clean and free of clutter, and remove any possible distracting elements from it while you are studying, such as toys or magazines.

If there is a television in the bedroom, resist the urge to turn it on when you are supposed to be studying. You can even put the remote control somewhere outside of the room in order to lessen the temptation for distraction. Leaving your cell phone outside or on silent are other good ways to reduce distraction, as a quick phone call can easily turn into one that lasts hours.

Establishing a regular study schedule is another great way to set up your home classroom. Once you have decided on a regular time to hunker down and study, inform your loved ones of your schedule so that they will be less likely to call or visit you when you should be concentrating on your class work. This way, your home classroom will remain quiet and distraction-free as long as you need it to be.

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