Tips On How to Fall Asleep

Getting the adequate amount of sleep is highly important when it comes to performance—especially for online students who have to juggle school, a job and their families. But sometimes even when your body is physically tired, it seems almost impossible to get some good shut eye. To learn how you can improve your sleep patterns, continue reading below.

Naps, caffeine and exercise are huge insomnia-inducing culprits. So do your very best not to take a nap throughout the day. If you must, limit them to only 15 minutes (at max 30 minute-naps). You may think that these naps won’t give you the "refresh" feeling you are looking for but they in fact will. It’s the hour-long naps and beyond that do the most damage. This is because these naps will make your body phase into the sleep cycle, and if you wake up during a particular point you will feel even more tired. You also don’t want to drink caffeine or exercise within three hours before the time you plan on going to sleep. These stimulants will consequently keep you up all night, resulting in a loss of beauty sleep. Not too sure when regular "sleep time" is? Well make a schedule and routine. Having a sleep routine, such as taking a shower, washing your face, and slipping into your pajamas at 10 o’clock every day in that particular order for example will let your body know that it’s time for bed. Thus, it will naturally begin to wind down on its own.

Some other sleep remedies might include switching out the type of sleepwear you use. Tight, constraining sleepwear, or sleepwear that can leave you feeling too hot or too cold during the night, can be the sole reason you can’t get a good night’s rest. You can also try taking a hot bath. The steam will relax you, and the more relaxed you are the more likely your are to fall asleep.

Lastly, you can try avoiding surfing the internet or studying online right before you go to bed. Research shows that students who use the computer right before bed time have more trouble falling asleep because this activity reactivates the brain. But if you want to make yourself sleepy while squeezing in some studying, instead read your hardcopy textbook. You eyes will get heavy before you know it—especially if the subject is rather boring.

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