Reduce the Amount of Paper In Your Life

While most students don’t go into school with the intention of creating mounds of paper in notes, study tools and personal documents, very often that’s just what happens. Not only can it make it difficult to find what you need when you need if you’re not super organized, it’s also not great for the environment. Luckily, there are many ways that you can help reduce the amount of paper you have in your dorm room or apartment to make it much more manageable and earth-friendly. If you’re curious on how to reduce your paper usage, consider these ideas.

Change bills to have electronic statements. Most places that send you bills will be more than happy to send you them via your email rather than mail out a paper statement. It’s not only environmentally friendly, it’s cheaper for them too, and will leave less paperwork lying around for you.

Take notes on your laptop. You don’t need to lug around notebooks when you can just bring your laptop to class. Provided you don’t get distracted by the web, you can easily type out your notes on your computer without using any paper. Just make sure to back them up so you won’t be out in the cold if your computer dies.

Proofread before printing. Save paper by proofreading documents before you print them out. You’ll save time, money and paper in one go.

Reuse old paper. All those old papers you have lying around don’t have to just go to waste. What you don’t recycle you can shred up and use as packing material.

Reduce junk mail. Most people get loads of unsolicited junk mail every day. Contact companies and ask them to stop sending you mail to help reduce some of the worst offenders.

Eliminate duplicate items. If you’ve got two or three copies of things lying around, you’ll be better off paring it down to just one. For instance, if you kept a draft of your term paper, the finished product and the graded paper, you probably don’t need them all for your records.

Digital resources make it less and less necessary to keep all of your records in paper form. With a little planning and taking advantage of modern-day resources, you can help cut down on the paper in your life, reducing stress, making you more organized and helping the environment at the same time.

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