Staying Fit When You’re an Online Student

Most of us know that the key to staying in shape is eating healthy and exercising regularly. However, today’s culture encourages a sedentary lifestyle, and it’s difficult to remember that you have to get your body moving somehow, some way at least five days a week. Just think about it: many people work out of offices where they sit and click away at a keyboard all day long; others might work on their feet but don’t move much (e.g., cashiers). If those sedentary workers are also online students, they come home only to sit down and click on their keyboard some more as they go to school and complete their assignments online. Afterwards, many online students like to relax by vegging out in front of the TV. Because of all this sitting around, online students who work sedentary jobs have to make a concerted effort to get active and stay fit. Otherwise, they may spend a lot of time in nurse and doctor offices and spend a lot of money on pharmacy costs.

Running or jogging

One of the best possible high-intensity aerobic exercises is running or jogging. It’s free if you choose a running route in your neighborhood, and can even be pleasant if you run while listening to music or accompanied by a running buddy. In inclement weather, you can run or jog indoors on a treadmill. If you’re an apartment dweller, most modern apartment complexes have small gym facilities with treadmills you can use for free. You can also join a gym and make use of the treadmills or indoor tracks available there, not to mention cross-train with the strength-training equipment available there.

Group exercise

Not everyone has the motivation to exercise on their own. Many people need or prefer the support and encouragement of a group. Group exercise is an effective way to keep your body moving each week. Some popular group exercises include classic aerobics, water aerobics, Pilates, Jazzercise, Zumba, cycling and Tae Bo. Thousands of people join local groups like this in their community to have fun and meet friends while they get in shape.

Home Exercise

Finally, some people prefer to exercise in the privacy of their own home, and there are options here too. One is to set up a home gym complete with a treadmill or exercise bike, a set of weights, a work bench and an exercise ball. If that’s too much of an investment, you may want to use workout DVDs. Popular video series include P90X, the Biggest Loser Workout and Insanity, but there are scores of others from which to choose.

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