11 Ultimate Gadgets for the Foodie In Your Life

Most people like food, but foodies love it with a passion that borders on the obscene. They don’t just cook meals; they prepare experiences, balancing tastes and textures in ways that most of us wouldn’t think to do. If you’ve got a foodie in your life, chances are you don’t quite know what they do in the kitchen, or how, but these gadgets can go a long way toward helping them out. They’re inventive upgrades on old techniques and tools, and they’re all designed to make cooking and eating a less stressful evening than usual. Even if you’ve never found yourself wishing you could chill wine to a specific temperature, it’s a fair bet they have. Why not get them something they’ll love?

  1. The Smoking Gun: Ever wished you could enjoy smoked food without actually building a fire? Probably not. Even so, the Smoking Gun is here to solve a problem you didn’t even know you had. Just put some wood chips in the unit, light them up, and direct the tube of smoke onto whatever you feel needs to be blasted with hearty flavor, from salads to cheeses and fruits and more.
  2. SmartShopper List Organizer: The future is officially here: this gadget uses voice-recognition that lets you tell the machine what you need to buy at the store, after which it prints an organized shopping list. Comes with a built-in library of 2,500 items; your amazement is extra.
  3. WaveBox Portable Microwave Oven: At long last, you can enjoy toasted and cooked foods on the road. This portable oven is great for traveling or tailgating, and can be powered by any 12-volt vehicle or boat battery. Because hot sandwiches always taste better outside.
  4. Nano UV Wand Disinfection Scanner: Being a foodie means cooking a lot, and that means keeping a clean kitchen. This UV wand is a fantastic and wicked cool way to kill food germs using a handheld device that emits ultraviolet rays that kill surface bacteria within seconds. So much cooler than just washing.
  5. Demy Kitchen Safe Touchscreen Recipe Reader: This is undeniably awesome. No more searching through dozens of books for a recipe and then trying to keep the book out of harm’s way while preparing the meal. This touch-screen display comes with 250 recipes and can hold up to 2,500, meaning you can store just about every meal you will ever make in its memory.
  6. Slotless Toaster: I realize that saying "slotless toaster" is a little like saying "car with no wheels," but hear me out. This gadget works by pushing heat up through bread, no matter the thickness; all you do is lay the bread (or bagel, muffin, etc.) on the flat surface and bam, you get toast. You’ll probably find yourself using it just for fun.
  7. Cheese Grater: This slick electronic cheese grater comes with multiple blades and feeding tubes designed to handle everything from cheeses to chocolate and nuts. An easy way to chop up ingredients that saves valuable prep time.
  8. Electric Salt & Pepper Mills: An electronic take on an old kitchen supply, these salt and pepper mills remove the (already minimal) effort of grinding and replace it with push-button technology. Pricey but addictive.
  9. Digital Voice Alert BBQ Thermometer: Preparing large meals can be a logistical nightmare, especially if you’re grilling something that needs to be constantly monitored. The helpful gimmick of this thermometer is that it broadcasts it data to a receiver, like a walkie-talkie, that you keep inside with you while doing other things or even hanging out with friends. It doesn’t change the way the food is prepared, but it does help you plan the cooking better.
  10. Rechargeable Wine Preservation System: No longer will you have to finish an entire bottle of wine and go to work hungover. This preservation system allows you to vacuum-seal opened bottles of wine to preserve their flavor and aroma, and each fitted stopper also features a day counter that helps you remember when you re-sealed the bottle.
  11. Adjustable Temperature Control Wine Chiller: Speaking of wine: this electronic device allows you to chill a wine to a specific temperature before serving and keep it there all night long. The menu comes with a variety of presets based on wine variety and country, but you can also customize the settings. Definitely something every connoisseur should have.

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