Job Opportunities for Business Majors

Business degrees are becoming increasingly popular because of the diverse training and knowledge the programs offer students. Students that study and major in business are prepared for a number of different careers. Courses in business degree programs prepare students with the skills and training needed to excel in leadership and management positions, as well as excellent communication and business skills.

Many students that have a business degree start a career as an office manager. Office managers generally oversee the smooth running of a department or company. Duties of office managers may vary greatly between companies, but usually include bookkeeping, payroll, overseeing employees in the office are working efficiently, and anything else that involves the smooth running of an office. Office managers earn an annual median salary of $42,200, according to Payscale.

Human resource managers are among popular career paths for business majors as well. They are hired in an effort to increase employee productivity and morale, reduce the rate of turnovers, create a workplace that is agreeable to both the employer and the employees, and promote healthy relationships between employees. They are also responsible for employee compensation, recruitment efforts, and policies and procedures within the company. Human resources managers earn an annual salary range between $44,906 and $73,939.

A staff accountant is a popular career choice for business majors. Staff accountants generally analyze financial information in their companies and record and maintain records of finances including purchases, assets, taxes, profit and loss, and other important financial information. Accountants are also responsible for preparing financial reports and maintaining liabilities. Staff accountants earn an annual salary range between $37,235 and $50,034.

Business analysts analyze the business models and designs of businesses. This may include business needs, evaluating goals and issues, policies and procedures, business approaches and models, and requirements of the business. Business analysts can work in a variety of fields and companies, and earn annual salary ranges between $51,646 and $80,233.

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