Job Opportunities for English Majors

English concentrated degrees give students knowledge on a number of concepts and principles relating to speech, communication, literature, business, and management. Courses in English degree programs teach students to analyze situations critically and communicate effectively. Students that major in English and earn their degrees are prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to perform in a number of different occupational areas.

Teachers are a common career choice amongst students that major in English. Since students have gone through college level courses in English, it puts them at a great advantage to teach children and help them with educational needs. Teachers can also instruct students in a number of other subjects including mathematics, social studies, and history. The median annual salary for a teacher is $50,200, according to Payscale.

Copywriters are frequent graduates of a degree program that is concentrated in English. Copywriters generally create the texts and information used in advertisements including in magazines, newspapers, television, and radio, for advertising firms, marketing companies, and retail stores. Copywriters may also be responsible for creating text for promotional materials as well. Copywriters earn an annual median salary of $49,900.

Copyeditors are common job occupations for English majors as well. Copyeditors scan and proofread material for errors in spelling, formatting, grammar, and anything else that they may find in error in publications. Copyeditors frequently proofread work in newspapers, advertisements, magazines, journals, and books. Additionally, copyeditors earn an annual median salary of $46,300.

A technical writer is a possibility for a student who earned their degree with a concentration in English. Technical writers design and create technical documentation for equipment manuals and handbooks, user guides, operating and maintenance instructions, and general instruction manuals. The median annual salary of a technical writer is $68,900.

Administrative assistants are also common jobs that English majors pursue. With the strong communicational and management skills that English degree programs instill, students are prepared for duties that relate to administrative assistant jobs. Administrative assistants are responsible for planning and directing daily clerical duties in office support services. Administrative assistants earn median annual salaries of $35,100.

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